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Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist II


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I am soooo jealous!!!!!!! Seriously! Oh well, God willing, I'll be able to come next February....hmmmm, thats about six months away! :lol_roll: Please pray that my parents will be able to see why I want to visit the SMME's (and the other three places I want to check out.)

It would be SOOO cool to meet you all! :drool: (or some of you, at any rate) I just got an email from SJAB, and she thinks it'd be best for me to come on a retreat..... ;) :D: for like the 5th time! lol! Anyway! Love and prayers for everyone in Jesus and Mary!

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Yes, the SMME vocational materials are consisted of a retreat flyer and a newsletter. I called Sister Joseph Andrew a couple days ago and asked for material, haha. Thats all the have. A retreat flyer and a newsletter...but IN ANY case, its awesome!

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They've got the newsletters, retreat flyers, DVD (but I think you have to ask for that), AWESOME 8-page pamphlet on the community, vocation prayer card, and probably more stuff, but that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Don't worry Amanda, you can get the rest of the stuff in October. :)

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It would be great if you could, but its all girls/woman. After all, it is religious life, but you could probably get by with the May 2006 retreat since there is going to be a priest there apparently an extremely wonderful friend of SJAB.

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I wish it was October too! But, um, not really! ;) Next week would be fine. Haha!

Oh, and I talked to SJAB about the retreats, and the priests all sound great... yes, especially the May one!!!!!!! Haha, but mum's the word. ;)

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I wish it was next week. Haha, then after that October. "Mum's the word" Very interesting! I'm mostly an American sticking language with mom. Hahahaha. :)

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