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[quote name='brendan1104' date='Sep 2 2005, 11:23 AM']well it's a good habit...

but be prudent.
What do you mean by "be prudent"? Do you mean that she shouldn't go very often, or what? (Sorry, I'm just a little confused by this statement).

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This is a good way to think of things:

The wind is known to do many things. It moves sailboats, creates waves in the ocean, powers windmills, creates electricity, and blows gently on our faces as we lie on the beach on a warm summer day. Wind also blows our hat off when we are out for a walk, messes up our hair, and blows the snow to cause a blizzard. In fact, wind is even mentioned in the Bible. On Pentecost, a great wind came up and tongues of fire landed on everyone's head. Everyone was touched by the Holy Spirit. John the disciple also talks of wind being like the Spirit. We know not where it blows or in what direction it will take us, but we trust that we are being guided in good ways that are pleasing to God and ourselves.
Filled with the Spirit on this special day, we will soon see how the wind will lift our kites and how they will float freely in the air. The wind, like the hand of God and the Spirit of Pentecost, can also lift us. When we are in God's hands, we are truly free just like a kite in the wind. And, like a kite, we are always connected to God who holds the string to our hearts. Sometimes, God likes to let go of the string just for a moment so that we are free to choose whatever direction we want to go in life. But God is always there to save us if we should go astray or get tangled up in life's problems.

Not advice as such but one of those little sippets that can sometimes lift our spirits

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I spent most of today with the guiy who has the 3 yr old son. we talked alot, we watched movies, we had lunch, and I got to meet his son who is such a flirt!!!!!!!!!! This guy is very differnt compared to most I meet. He doesnt want to pressure me inot sex which is what we tlaked about most of the night!!!!!!! He doesnt want a relationship that is focused around sex!!!!!!!!!! But I was kinda unhappy a a point because just ebing with him, there was sometrhing missing!!!!!!!!! I think that thing that was missing is the religious life and my discernment to that life!!!!!!!!!! I miss the Sisters of Nazareth and i really do want to enter with them and I think thats where my happiness is!!!!!!!! So confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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