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Hi everyone, i last night found a blog off of someone else's blog. This is a blog of a seminarian who was goingt o school in chicago. Here over the week 4 of the seminarians were in a car accidnet. 2 of them died. One that died had this blog. I thought i should share it because i wish i would have knonw about this blog because when i first went into it, it made me smile!!!!!! The commetns after his death were very heart felt and sad to read. I was about into tears. The last entry he had written in really nice.

i hope you enjoy this blog as much as i do!!!!


Maybe he'll be writting his blogs for those in Heaven!!!!

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Yes, Matty used to write such lovely comments on my xanga....and many many other peoples.

Eternal rest grant unto him oh Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace

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his life is a testament to the UTTER NECESSITY to touch people's lives in a positive way with the time that we have. look at how many people he helped just by smiling every day and loving Jesus and His Church. he was surely a good man, and what's great is that for those who never knew him, like myself, we know this by the testimony of others.

Pax Christi,

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i will miss he's awesome posts and inspiration messages..along with the pics he would share...so full of life!
even online, he was amazing
he will be missed!

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