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Countdown thread!


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I am sure that you ladies will have a fantastic and fruitful visit :) I don't think you will be the cause of much trouble (You know those Sisters like to start a ruckus too! ;) )

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[quote name='Sixtina87' date='Oct 12 2005, 12:12 PM']LOL, me too, grandpa and i are now gpoing over directions to get there, OMG i'm gunna get lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you see the directions I posted somewhere else??

They probably say to take the same way, but they didn't come from a machine...

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the less complicated way...
[quote]I'm pretty sure you'd take 74 toward peoria to 155 south to 55 South to I-64/US-40 toward St. Louis...

You take the Lindbergh South exit, and turn left onto Manchester. It's at the intersection of Manchester and Woodlawn. I think there are entrances off both streets (it's hard to see from Manchester because it's farther off the road, but you can see it off Woodlawn)[/quote]

The going down 67 all the way through Alton way...

[quote]Kirkwood is nowhere near Alton (probably like an hour away). If you do take 67, that's Lindbergh Blvd in St. Louis, but you wouldn't want to drive that all the way from Alton because it would take you forever and a day. You would take it to 270 South/West (toward Kansas City) and then at US-40/I-64, take 40/64 East and get off at Lindbergh (67) South and follow the earlier directions.You could also get off at McKnight, but Lindbergh is a major road, so it's easier.[/quote]

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Well, today's the day! I'm headed to the airport in about 15 minutes.

I am sooo nervous!

Pray for my vocation, please! I'll be praying for you! :)

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i did find my way and now we have to start a new post about our visit!!!! Did sister laura say anything about my crying???? I cant believe i did that!!!! i have never done that before!!!!

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