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SMME October retreat


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[quote name='FutureSoror' date='Oct 25 2005, 04:15 PM']Oh my goodness, I sooo know who you are now!  I think you had come out from talking to Sr. Joseph Andrew and I was (very) anxiously sitting in the chair across from the door waiting to talk to her.  Everyone else was in the gym playing that game.  :lol: It was so loud!

Tell me about it, I'm going to be more anixous then anyone the moment I see a sister in a white habit and black veil on November 5th, who just happens to be Sister Joseph Andrew coming to the NET Center here in Saint Paul.

I told Sister Jo, to beware because I might jump hug her, when I see her. I mean dude! This is the first time in my whole entire life to where I get to FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meet Sister Jo! I even made two posters, "Go Sister Jo Go! Do your very best, remember who your fighting for its J-E-S-U-S!" and "Two Year Pre-Postulant Sister of Mary Mother of the Eucharist" And I traced their logo, and pasted it at the top right hand corner.

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She was helping with relief efforts in New Orleans, and on their way back the postulant director brought all the postulants and sister thomas aquinas (twin sister of Sr. Jacinta, PCPA) to our place and we had pizza together.

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Say Amanda,

I just read your post so you haven't met Sr.Joseph Andrew? Also, why is she coming to your neck of woods on Nov. 5?



P.S. If you jump up and hug her give her one for me OK!!!

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[quote name='Sanvean' date='Oct 25 2005, 12:35 AM']My retreat experience:


I know you have some big decisions coming but try as much as you can to be quiet with the Lord and give Him your experience of the weekend with Him and our Blessed Mother.

In this quiet, you will hear the desire of His heart for you.



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