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Dinner at a Convent!


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[quote name='zunshynn' date='Oct 9 2005, 02:42 PM']:love:

It was soooo wonderful. They were the Missionary Sisters of the Sacro Costato and the Sorrowful Mother, by the way. There are only 6 of them in the U. S. though--they're based in Rome...  ^_^ . There are three of them, and they live in the only real convent left in my diocese. My mentor told me that before I went, but I didn't really know what to expect. I was so shocked... And they have their own little chapel. That is so awesome. I mean, I knew that... but it didn't click.

Oh, and they were so nice, and lovely, and orthodox and they have great habits, and funny too. The two other girls that were there were older than me... one in her early thirties and the other in her mid-twenties, and they both work for parishes in my diocese. And they were really, really nice. Before dinner we went in the chapel to pray :love: and she told us about her order's charism. It is sooo cool! And we sang Laudate Omnes Gentes and another song and it was delightful. I feel so giddy, if you couldn't tell, I want to burst.

And you guys were right, they did make the best food. Two of them are Italian, and they made the most unbelievable spaghetti, and chicken and pecan pie for dessert. And we talked and it was great.

My mentor said something that I really liked about charisms:
And it was cool, because one of my big hangups about the religious life is the vow of obedience, and not being able to be in control of everything. And to of the sisters said that when they had to go to be teachers, because that's part of their work, they cried because they didn't want to teach. But when it comes down to it... their lives have been fulfilled more than they could have imagined. You can just tell, they have such a sense of joy. It's awesome.

And I think that the older girl... I think her vocation became a million percent clearer last night. And I hope mine did too. :love: I feel like I've submitted to God in a way I have not before....

Jesus, if it is in accord with Thy holy, Thy beautiful and loving will, please allow me to be Thy bride, in spite of my unworthiness. And if it is, Lord, grant me every grace to fully accept and fulfill it. And if it is not, then I pray for the graces to accept your will and fulfill the vocation that you have called me to. Amen. :sign:

Your story brings warm feelings to my heart. Keep up the good work, and stay faithful.


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