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My Journey to the PCPA!

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[quote name='ThyHolyLove' post='1094151' date='Oct 17 2006, 02:39 PM']
Jen, it's so awesome that you're entering! Your joy and happiness radiates from your posts! [/quote]
Thank you. :saint: I hope it always does. Well, I mean not necessarily in my posts, but ya know...

[quote]After my aspirancy with the Dominicans, I gained a whole new respect for the cloistered life. Although it's not my vocation, I feel very uplifted by having such awesome sisters in Christ! [/quote]
It really is awesome how we all complement each other! We really do need them all... In [i]A Right to Be Merry[/i] Mother Mary Francis talks about how St. Francis was a great contemplative and St. Clare was a great missionary because they each complemented each other, and created that balance to make a whole or something. Anyway, it was really a good point. :)

[quote]I'm sorry if you've answered this already but are you entering as an extern or a cloistered sister? Are you're friends okay with your entrance? I haven't even told mine I'm discerning, hahahaha..... Anyway may Our Lady protect you during your last few days before entrance![/quote]
I'm entering as an extern ^_^ and I'm stoked! I just love the idea of sharing the Eucharistic contemplative life of the community with everyone else!

My friends are okay with my entrance. Most of them knew pretty much all along in my discernment what was going on, so it didn't come as a huge shock, I don't think. I'm glad that I did it that way... Most of my friends are not Catholic, so its a lot that they don't really understand exactly... but they're good about asking questions, and I think I do ok explaining stuff to them. They've been so supportive (often way more then the Catholics I know!), and just such good friends... they're really a treasure. :hug:

On the one hand, they're happy for me and they think it's pretty cool and they tease me a little (in a good way), but I do know that its hard for them to think of having so much less contact. Of course, that's probably the hardest thing for me too. :sadder: It's sad to think about not hanging out and chatting like we always have. But I am trusting that when I put my friendships in His hands, He will take good care of them and make them even stronger.

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Jen I was so sorry to learn that you have't been well and hope that you have recovered from the flu.. It was the last thing you wanted as you prepare to enter in two weeks. Your recent posts have inspired us all and we will miss them . :( :( OLAM is certainly blessed to have so many vocations, with the Cloister full and the Extern Sisters expanding rapidly... God Bless You . :lol: :lol: :lol:

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[font="Lucida Handwriting"][color="#6666CC"][size=4]14 days[/size][/color][/font] until I enter and [font="Lucida Handwriting"][color="#6666CC"][size=4]11 days[/size][/color][/font] until I fly to Alabama!

I mentioned yesterday to Rose of Sharon about books on St. Francis, and I found that the TOR Franciscan Friars site has the [url="http://www.franciscanfriarstor.com/stfrancis/Little_Flowers_St_Francis/index.htm"]the Little Flowers of St. Francis [/url] online! They've got a lot of good stuff. So anyway... here's a nice story about Francis and Clare...


[url="http://www.franciscanfriarstor.com/stfrancis/Little_Flowers_St_Francis/chapter_15.htm"]How St. Clare ate with St. Francis and his companions at St. Mary of the Angels[/url]
[quote]St Francis, when residing at Assisi, often visited St Clare, to give her holy counsel. And she, having a great desire to eat once with him, often begged him to grant her this request; but the saint would never allow her this consolation. His companions, therefore, being aware of the refusal of St Francis, and knowing how great was the wish of Sister Clare to eat with him, went to seek him, and thus addressed him: "Father, it seems to us that this severity on thy part in not granting so small a thing to Sister Clare, a virgin so holy and so dear to God, who merely asks for once to eat with thee, is not according to holy charity, especially if we consider how it was at thy preaching that she abandoned the riches and pomps of this words. Of a truth, if she were to ask of thee even a greater grace than this, thou shouldst grant it to thy spiritual daughter." St Francis answered: "It seems to you, then, that I ought to grant her this request?" His companions made answer: "Yea, father, it is meet that thou grant her this favour and this consolation." St Francis answered: "As you think so, let it be so, then; but, in order that she may be the more consoled, I will that the meal do take place in front of St Mary of the Angels, because, having been for so long time shut up in San Damiano, it will do her good to see the church of St Mary, wherein she took the veil, and was made a spouse of Christ. There, then, we will eat together in the name of God." When the appointed day arrived, St Clare left her convent with great joy, taking with her one of her sisters, and followed by the companions of St Francis. She arrived at St Mary of the Angels, and having devoutly saluted the Virgin Mary, before whose altar her hair had been cut off, and she had received the veil, they conducted her to the convent, and showed her all over it. In the meantime St Francis prepared the meal on the bare ground, as was his custom. The hour of dinner being arrived, St Francis and St Clare, with one of the brethren of St Francis and the sister who had accompanied the saint, sat down together, all the other companions of St Francis seated humbly round them. When the first dish was served, St Francis began to speak of God so sweetly, so sublimely, and in a manner so wonderful, that the grace of God visited them abundantly, and all were rapt in Christ. Whilst they were thus rapt, with eyes and hearts raised to heaven, the people of Assisi and of Bettona, and all the country round about, saw St Mary of the Angels as it were on fire, with the convent and the woods adjoining. It seemed to them as if the church, the convent, and the woods were all enveloped in flames; and the inhabitants of Assisi hastened with great speed to put out the fire. On arriving at the convent, they found no fire; and entering within the gates they saw St Francis, St Clare, with all their companions, sitting round their humble meal, absorbed in contemplation; then knew they of a certainty, that what they had seen was a celestial fire, not a material one, which God miraculously had sent to bear witness to the divine flame of love which consumed the souls of those holy brethren and nuns; and they returned home with great consolation in their hearts, and much holy edification. After a long lapse of time, St Francis, St Clare, and their companions came back to themselves; and, being fully restored by the spiritual food, cared not to eat that which had been prepared for them; so that, the holy meal being finished, St Clare, well accompanied, returned to San Damiano, where the sisters received her with great joy, as they had feared that St Francis might have sent her to rule some other convent, as he had already sent St Agnes, the sister of the saint, to be Abbess of the Convent of Monticelli, at Florence. For St Francis had often said to St Clare, "Be ready, in case I send thee to some other convent"; and she, like a daughter of holy obedience, had answered, "Father, I am always ready to go whithersoever thou shalt send me." For which reason the sisters greatly rejoiced when she returned to them, and St Clare was from that time much consoled.[/quote]

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In other news... I've gotten most of my shopping done... I'd kind of put everything off because I really dislike shopping for clothes, but I found everything okay. I just need to exchange my knee-high socks (the ones I bought were a rip-off and they weren't even really knee high :annoyed: ), get some t-shirts, and hopefully find another pair of sandals. But I have my blouses, and my tennis shoes which were very comfy and just perfect, and slips and stuff like that.

Still waiting for my passport... my mom may have to send it to me later. Grr... and I still have some Christmas gifts to buy. :wacko:

Tomorrow night my grandparents are taking me out to dinner in San Francisco, and my Aunt Judy (the former Dominican nun I told you about) is able to go! I'm really excited, because we've gotten very close the past couple of months.

And I'm still working on my room... throwing things away, figuring out who to give stuff too, and I still have to pack some things, like my statues, books, etc. Oy vey. :tired:

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[quote name='faithfulrose' post='1095093' date='Oct 18 2006, 05:34 PM']
Thank you for sharing this spiritual story of St. Clare and St. Francis.
It's filled with wonderful insight about the Franciscan vocation.

God bless. I'll be praying for you.

New member,
welcome to phatmass phamily :)

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Guest Rick777

[quote name='zunshynn' post='1094908' date='Oct 18 2006, 11:35 AM']
[So anyway... here's a nice story about Francis and Clare...


[url="http://www.franciscanfriarstor.com/stfrancis/Little_Flowers_St_Francis/chapter_15.htm"]How St. Clare ate with St. Francis and his companions at St. Mary of the Angels[/url]

Loved it, thanks! Have fun in the city! :smokey:

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12 days until my entrance, and 9 days until I leave my dear little hometown! :pinch:
:blink: :lol: :)

My dinner last night was lovely! My grandfather took us to the Equinox at the top of the Hyatt Regency hotel on the Embarcadero in San Francisco. It was beautiful! The restaurant is at the very top, and it actually revolves 360 degrees in about 45 minutes I think. It's slow, so you don't get dizzy or anything (I actually didn't realize that it was revolving until about 5 minutes after we got there) but it means you get alot of different views of the Bay and the downtown highrises. Very cool, and pretty good food too. I'll post some pictures later on today. (We need a photographer smiley... although we should work on the nun one first.) It was very nice to just spend some time out with my family and everything. My last time riding on BART too! :wacko:

I gave my family their "Christmas" gifts too... :) Well, some of them. I haven't gotten my brother's yet, and I wasn't sure if I should give my Aunt Rozzie hers then, and my my mom has more than one. We were joking about how I'd get her 16 gifts before I went... didn't get 16, but I think she'll really love everything. Yesterday she opened a little Nativity set that I got her, and I gave my grandpa a collection of classical music, and my grandma a teacup with Roses on it (we had it at the shop where I worked, and every time I dusted it it made me think of her, so... :) ) and my Aunt Judy (the ex-Dominican) a copy of St. Faustina's diary (pray that it brings about conversion to her heart!)

Hmm... oh yes. And this is one of my favoritest stories about St. Francis, from the [url="http://franciscanfriarstor.com/stfrancis/Little_Flowers_St_Francis/chapter_26.htm"]TOR website[/url] again:

[quote name='HOW ST FRANCIS CONVERTED CERTAIN ROBBERS AND ASSASSINS' date=' WHO BECAME FRIARS; AND OF A WONDERFUL VISION WHICH APPEARED TO ONE OF THEM WHO WAS A MOST HOLY BROTHER']As St Francis went one day through the desert of Borgo di San Sepolcro, and was passing by a castle called Monte Casale, he saw a young man of noble mien, and elegant in appearance, coming towards him, who thus addressed him: "Father, I would willingly be one of thy monks." St Francis answered: "My son, thou art young, noble, and delicate; perhaps thou wouldst not be able to endure poverty and hardships." The young man said again: "Father, are you not men, like me? If you, then, can support these things, through the grace of God I shall be able to do so likewise." This answer greatly pleased St Francis, and giving the young man his blessing, he received him immediately into the Order, and gave him the name of Brother Angelo. And this young man was so remarkable and so distinguished, that shortly after he was named Guardian of the Convent of Monte Casale. At that time there were three famous robbers in that part of the country, who did much evil in all the neighbourhood. Coming one day to the said convent, they asked Brother Angelo, the guardian, to give them something to eat. The guardian, reproving them harshly, answered thus: "Cruel robbers and murderers, you are not ashamed to deprive others of the fruits of their labours, and you have the audacity to come here and devour that which is given in charity to the servants of God - you who are not worthy of the earth which bears you, for you neither respect man nor the Lord who made you. Go about your business, and do not appear here again." Then the robbers went away in anger, much troubled by these words. Shortly after, St Francis arrived at the convent with a sack of bread and a little vessel of wine, which he and his companion had begged; and the guardian related to him how he had sent away the robbers. On this St Francis reproved him sharply, saying that he had behaved most cruelly, for sinners are brought back to God more easily by kindness than by harsh words. "Wherefore," said he, "our Master Jesus Christ, whose Word we have promised to observe, says that the whole need not a physician, but they that are sick, and that he came not to call the just, but sinners, to repentance; for which reason he often sat down to meat with them. As, then, thou hast acted against charity, and against the Gospel of Christ, I command thee, in the name of holy obedience, to take with thee this sack of bread, which I have begged, and this little vessel of wine, and go after the robbers, over the hills and across the valleys, until thou meet with them. And when thou hast found them, give them from me this bread and wine; and then, kneeling down before them, thou shalt humbly confess thy fault, begging them, in my name, not to do evil any more, but to fear God and never again offend him. If they consent to this, I promise to provide for all their wants, and to give them continually both meat and drink; and when thou hast told them this, thou shalt humbly come back here." Whilst the guardian went on the errand of St Francis, the latter began to pray, asking God to touch the hearts of the robbers and bring them to repentance. The obedient guardian, having found out their retreat, presented to them the bread and wine, and said and did what St Francis had commanded; and it pleased God that as the robbers ate the bread of charity which St Francis had sent them, they reasoned thus among themselves; "Alas for us, miserable men that we are! What pains await us in hell; for not only have we robbed, beaten and wounded our neighbours, but we have likewise taken away their lives, and yet for all these cruel deeds we feel no remorse of conscience, and no fear of God! and behold this holy friar who is come to us, for a few unkind words, which we merited most justly, has humbly confessed that he was wrong, and has brought us likewise bread and wine, with a most gracious promise from the holy St Francis. These men indeed are holy religious of God who merit his Paradise, and we are sons of perdition, worthy of the pains of hell; and each day we add to our perdition, and we know not whether yet, because of our sins we have committed hitherto, we can find mercy in the sight of God." One of them having spoken thus, the other two answered, saying: "Most certainly thou speakest truly; but what are we to do?" "Let us go," said one of the others, "to St Francis; and if he gives us a hope that our sins may find mercy in the sight of God, we will do what he shall command us to save our souls from the punishment of hell." This counsel pleasing the others, they agreed to go immediately to St Francis; and having found him, they thus addressed him: "Father, because of the multitude of our sins we dare not look for mercy from God; but if thou hast a hope that he may have pity on us, we are ready to do what thou shalt order, and do penance for our sins with thee." Then St Francis bade them stay, and with much kindness and charity comforted them, giving them many proofs of the mercy of God, and promising them to ask the Lord to have pity on their sins. He told them that his mercy knows no bounds, and that were their sins without number the mercy of God is even greater, according to the word of the Gospel and of the Apostle St Paul, who says our Blessed Lord came into the world to save sinners. The three robbers on hearing these words resolved to renounce the devil and his works; and St Francis received them into the Order, in which they did great penance. Two of them died shortly after their conversion, and went to heaven; but the third survived, and, reflecting on his sins, he did penance during fifteen years. Besides the ordinary fasts which he observed with the brethren, he fasted at other times three days in the week on bread and water, went barefooted, wore no other vestment but his tunic, and never slept after Matins. During this time St Francis passed from this miserable life. The converted robber having continued to do penance for many years, it so happened that one night, after Matins, he was visited by such a strong temptation to sleep, that he could neither pray nor watch according to his custom. At last, finding it impossible to resist any longer, he threw himself on his bed to sleep. No sooner had he laid down his head than he was rapt in spirit and led up into a very high mountain, on the side of which was a deep precipice bordered with sharp stones and large rocks all broken to pieces, so that the precipice was frightful to look at; and the angel who conducted the brother pushed him with such violence, that he fell into the abyss, and rolling down from stone to stone and from rock to rock, he reached the bottom shattered all to pieces, as it seemed to him. As he lay on the ground in this pitiable condition, the angel said to him: "Arise, for thou hast a much longer journey to take." And the brother answered: "Thou art both cruel and unreasonable. Thou seest that I am about to die from my fall, which has shattered me all to pieces, and thou tellest me to arise." On this the angel, coming near him, touched him, healing all his wounds. He then showed him an immense plain, full of sharp and pointed stones, covered with thorns and brambles, and told him that he was to run all over the plain, and cross it barefooted till he reached the other end, where was a burning furnace, which he was to enter. And the brother having crossed the plain with great pain and suffering, the angel ordered him to enter the furnace, as it was meet for him to do. The brother exclaimed: "Alas, what a cruel guide thou art! Thou seest that I am nearly dead, having crossed this horrible plain; and to rest me thou commandest me to enter this burning furnace"; and looking up, he saw all around many demons with iron pitchforks in their hands; and as he hesitated to obey the angel, they pushed him into the furnace. When he was in the furnace, he looked around and saw one who had formerly been his companion burning all over from head to foot; and he said to him: "O my unhappy companion, how camest thou here?" And he answered: "Go a little farther, and thou shalt find my wife; she will tell thee why we are damned." Then the brother, going a little farther, saw the said woman surrounded with flames; and he said to her: "O unfortunate and miserable woman, why are thou condemned to suffer such a cruel torment?" "Because," she answered, "at the time of the great famine which St Francis had foretold, my husband and I cheated the people, and sold them wheat and oats in a false measure. It is for this that I am condemned to burn in this dreadful place." Having heard these words, the angel who conducted the brother drew him out of the furnace, and said to him: "Prepare thyself now for a very horrible journey." Then the brother answered him sorrowfully: "O cruel guide, thou hast no compassion on me. Thou seest how I am almost burnt to death in this furnace, and thou preparest for me another horrible and dangerous journey." Then the angel touching him, he became whole and strong; after which he led him to a bridge, which it was impossible to pass without great danger, for it was slightly built, very narrow, and very slippery, without any parapets, while underneath there flowed a terrible river full of serpents, scorpions and dragons, which produced a great stench. Then said the angel to him: "Go over the bridge, as by all means thou must cross it." And the brother answered: "How can I cross it without falling into that dangerous river?" The angel said to him: "Follow me, and place thy foot where thou shalt see me place mine, and thou shalt cross it safely." Then the brother walked behind the angel as he had ordered him, and reached the middle of the bridge, when suddenly the angel flew away, and leaving the brother, went on to a very high mountain at a great distance from the bridge. When the brother saw whither the angel had flown, being without his guide and looking down, he saw all those terrible animals with their heads out of the water, and their mouths open ready to devour him, if he were to fall into the river; and he trembled much with fear, not knowing what to do or what to say, as he could neither go back nor go forward. Seeing himself in such tribulation, and having no refuge but in God, he bent down, and clinging to the bridge, with all his heart and with many tears he recommended himself to the Lord, praying him to have mercy on him. Having finished his prayer, it seemed to him as if wings were growing out of his back, and he waited with great joy till they should be large enough to enable him to fly away from the bridge, and go to the spot whither the angel had flown. After waiting a little time, his impatience to leave the bridge became so great that he tried to fly; but his wings not having reached their growth, he fell on the bridge, and the feathers came off; upon which he clung again to the bridge, as he had done before, and recommended himself to God. Having finished his prayer, it seemed to him as if the wings were growing again; but losing patience a second time, he tried to fly before the wings were fully grown, and falling down on the bridge as before, the feathers came off. And seeing that it was his impatience to fly away which made him fall down thus, he said within himself: "If my wings begin to grow a third time, I will most certainly wait until they are large enough to enable me to fly away without falling." And having come to this decision, he saw the wings begin to grow for the third time, and waited so long that they might attain their growth, that it seemed to him as if more than a hundred and fifty years had elapsed between the first growth of his wings and the third. At last he arose for the third time, and exerting all his strength, he flew up to the spot whither the angel had flown before him; and knocking at the gate of the place into which he had entered, the porter asked of him who he was and whence he came. To this he answered: "I am one of the Friars Minor." The porter said to him: "Wait a little whilst I go and fetch St Francis, to see if he knows thee." While the porter was gone to fetch St Francis, the brother began to examine the wonderful walls of the palace which appeared so luminous and so transparent, that he could see through them the choirs of saints, and what they were doing. As he was struck with wonder at this sight, St Francis came towards him, with Brother Bernard and Brother Giles, followed by a great multitude of saints, both men and women, who had followed him in life, and they appeared to be innumerable. Then St Francis said to the porter: "Let him come in, for he is one of my friars." As soon as he had entered, he felt such consolation and such sweetness, that he forgot all the tribulations he had gone through, as if they had never been. And St Francis, taking him inside, showed him that thou return to the world; thou shalt remain there seven days, during which thou shalt prepare thyself with great devotion and great care; for after the seven days I will come and fetch thee, and then thou shalt be with me in this abode of the blessed." St Francis wore a most wonderful cloak adorned with beautiful stars, and his five stigmata were like five stars, so bright that all the palace illumined by their rays. And Brother Giles was adorned with a blazing light, and he saw there many other holy brothers whom he had not known in the world. Having taken leave of St Francis, he returned, much against his will, to the world. When he awoke and came back to himself, the brothers were singing prime; so that the vision had lasted only from matins to prime, though it seemed to him as if many years had elapsed. He related to the guardian all the vision from beginning to end. After seven days he fell ill of a fever, and on the eighth day St Francis came to him, as he had promised with a great multitude of glorious saints, and conducted his soul to life eternal in the kingdom of the blessed. [/quote]

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[quote name='Rick777' post='1097485' date='Oct 21 2006, 12:48 AM']
What are we going to do w/o your stories? :idontknow: :saint:

:idontknow: Make someone else put stories up? :lol:

Yesterday evening I spoke to the junior high youth group at church about discerning my vocation. It went pretty well, though I should've done less telling the story so I could've answered more of their questions. They had a lot of good ones! There's at least one lady who I think may seriously think about religious life in the future. She was amazed to learn that nuns are normal people!

Then on Sunday night (when I will have my last Sunday mass at my parish) I talk to the high school youth group. It should be interesting, because I used to be pretty involved with the youth group, and their have been a lot of changes since then. But I hope it'll be good.

[size=3][color="#003300"][font="Old English"]11 days[/font][/color] [/size] until entrance, [size=3][color="#6600CC"][font="Old English"]8 days[/font][/color][/size] until I leave!

[quote]St Clare was at one time so dangerously ill that she could not go to church with the other nuns to say the Office on the night of the Nativity of Christ. All the other sisters went to Matins; but she remained in bed, very sorrowful because she could not go with her sisters to receive spiritual consolation. But Jesus Christ, her Spouse, unwilling to leave her comfortless, carried her miraculously to the church of St Francis, so that she was present at Matins, assisted at the Midnight Mass, and received the Holy Communion, after which she was carried back to her bed. When the nuns returned to their convent, the ceremonies being ended at St Damiano, they went to St Clare and said to her: "O Sister Clare, our Mother, what great consolations we have experienced at this feast of the Holy Nativity! Oh, if it had but pleased God that you should have been with us!" To this St Clare answered: "Praise and glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ, the blessed one, my beloved sisters and daughters; for I have not only assisted at all the solemnities of this most holy night, but I have experienced in my soul even greater consolations than those which have been your share; for by the intercession of my father, St Francis, and through the grace of our Saviour Jesus Christ I have been personally present in the church of my venerable father, St Francis, and with the ears of my body and those of my spirit have heard all the Office, and the sounds of the organ, and the singing, and have likewise received there the most Holy Communion. Rejoice, then, because of these graces which I have received, and return to thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ." [/quote]

Interesting fact... It's because of this event that St. Clare is the patron saint of television. :lol:

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By the way, if any of you want updates about how I'm doing and what's going on with me, PM me your email addresses. I'll put them in my mom's address book, and she'll just send a forward out every once in awhile to whomever is interested. Not sure how often or detailed it will be, because my mom really doesn't use the internet too much, but it might be of interest to some of you.

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Happy Sunday! I miscounted... Yesterday I had 7 days until I leave... today I have [color="#339999"][size=5][font="Palatino Linotype"]SIX[/font][/size][/color] days left here in Cali and [color="#339999"][size=5][font="Palatino Linotype"]TEN[/font][/size][/color] until I join OLAM!

Kind of sad news... my grandfather's sister-in-law passed away on Thursday after a really long illness. So please pray for her and her family... they really withdrew from the rest of the family when she became sick, and it's all been very hard for them. And because the funeral is this Thursday it looks like my grandparents will not be able to go to my entrance ceremony. (Not sure why that is exactly, but I do understand and it's ok. :( )

Anyway... today I picked St. Francis' paraphrase of the Our Father... though it's not really a paraphrase its more a meditation upon the Lord's Prayer. I still really like it, and it seems appropriate for a Sunday.

our creator and redeemer,
our Savior and Consoler.

in the angels and saints
enlightening them that they
may know you, for you, Lord,
are love, dwelling in them and filling
them with your divinity, that bliss
may be theirs, for you, Lord, are the
highest Good, the eternal Good,
from whom all goodness flows,
without whom nothing is good.

may our knowledge of you
shine ever more clearly within us,
that we may perceive the breadth
of your blessings, the extent of your
promises, the height of your majesty,
the depth of your judgements.

rule us now, through grace,
and bring us at last to your
kingdom of light where we
shall see you as you are,
and our love for you
will be made perfect,
our union blissful,
our joy unending, in you.

may we love you
with all our heart,
ever thinking of you;
with all our soul,
ever longing for you;
with all our mind,
directing all our aims to you
and seeking nothing but your glory;
with all our strength,
spending all our energies
and all our senses of soul and body
to serve only your love and nothing else.

May we love our neighbors as ourselves;
drawing them all to your love
in so far as we can,
sharing their good fortune
as if it were our own,
helping them to bear their trials
and doing them no wrong.

your beloved Son
our Lord Jesus Christ,
that we may remember,
understand and revere
the love he showed for us,
and all he said and did
and suffered for our sake.

through your mercy beyond words,
through the power of the passion
of your beloved Son,
through the merits and intercession
of the Virgin Mary
and of all your chosen ones.

and that we ourselves
cannot fully forgive,
make us fully forgive;
make us love our enemies,
truly, for your sake;
teach us how to pray sincerely
to you on their behalf;
and not to render harm for harm
to anyone, but rather try
to do good to all, in you!

whether veiled or visible,
sudden or searing and prolonged.

past, present and to come. Amen [/quote]

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Well, today I had my last Sunday mass at my parish, St. Anthony's. I love my parish so, so much. I mean, I didn't always love the music, and sometimes people bugged me the way they would change things that they weren't supposed to, and so on... but I really loved them all.

My parish has begun a prayer shawl ministry recently, where people make shawls for people who are sick, or getting married, or have big things happening in their lives, and pray for the person while they make it, and then the priest blesses it after Mass, and then gives it to the person. And then when the person wears it, it is meant to remind them that they're in somebody's prayers. So anyway, I was given one, sort of by surprise, today. And I didn't know the lady that made me mine, but I was so touched, but it's beautiful and very comforting. It's something I know I'll treasure very much... and it meant so much to me all the people that assured me that they'd be praying for me and asked me to pray for them... many that I didn't know. One lady in a wheelchair came up to me in tears, asking for me to pray for her and that she was so thankful for Mother Angelica... How I'll miss and always love my parish... I'm honored to have been a part of it... and it always will be. My mom cried a little bit at the end of Mass... I managed not to, but I did when I got home.

Then I went and talked to the youth group... a lot of them were not the same group as when I was in it, but some were and I'm glad I got to spend some time with them and say goodbye and everything. They're good kids... and I just pray they'll be led closer and closer home to the Lord.

:sign: Lord, bless my beloved parish...

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Nine days until All Saints' and five more days here.

From Clare's third letter to Agnes of Prague:

[quote]I am filled with such great joy about your well-being, your happiness, and your favorable successes through which, I understand, you are thriving on the journey you have begun to obtain the reward of heaven; and I breathe again in the Lord with elation equal to my knowledge and belief that you are supplying in wonderful ways what is lacking both in me and in the other sisters who are following in the footsteps of the poor and humble Jesus Christ.

I am indeed able to rejoice, and there is no one who could separate me from such great joy, since I already possess what under heaven I have yearned for, and I see that you, supported by some kind of wonderful claim on the wisdom that comes from God's own mouth, are formidably and extraordinarily undermining the stratagems of the cunning enemy, the pride that destroys human nature, and the vanity that beguiles human hearts.

I see, too, that you are embracing with humility, the virtue of faith, and the arms of poverty the incomparable treasure that lies hidden in the field of the world and the hearts of human beings, where it is purchased by the One by whom all things were made from nothing. And, to use as my own the words of the apostle himself, I consider you someone who is God's own helper and who supports the drooping limbs of his ineffable body. Who, then, would tell me not to rejoice about such great and marvelous joys? That is why you, too, dearest, must always rejoice in the Lord, and not let bitterness and confusion envelop you, O Lady most beloved in Christ, joy of the angels, and crown of your sisters. [/quote]

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