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I'm Accepted!

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Congratulations! :clap: I wouldn't worry too much about pulling out of school. At a minimum, they will probably keep your records on file for something like 10 years (until you are fully professed). Entering a Dominican house, you can be sure that they will help you keep your mind sharp. This is very exciting, I'm so happy for you! :flowers:

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[quote name='Blessed Imelda Pray for Us' date='Jan 16 2008, 06:49 PM' post='1446641']

Actually I'm entering as a postulant...so I'm not the other aspirant mentioned on the blog!

Heh. That's correct. Funny how I am already thinking of Miriam as a postulant!

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[quote name='Blessed Imelda Pray for Us' post='1448773' date='Jan 21 2008, 12:05 AM']Hey!!

I wanted to let everyone know that I was awarded a St. Joseph's Grant to cover my student loan debt!! So I'm officially entering on the 28th of this month (aka in a little over 7 days).[/quote]

That is so wonderful to hear :bigclap: Thanks for the update. We will miss you around here...

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Many congrats!!

How does the St. Joseph's grant work? (I googled "St. Joseph's Grant" but didn't get anything). If you leave, do you have to pay them back? Does the money aspirants and would-be seminaries receive from Serra Club, Knights of Columbus, etc. come with strings attached--so much per year towards debts until it's all paid off at profession--or what? It seems that, particularly applied to college debt, there is opportunity for scams here, not (obviously) with you, but with unscrupulous persons who see a way here ("applying" to religious orders, later walking away) to pay off college debt.

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[quote name='juchu' post='1448957' date='Jan 21 2008, 01:24 PM'][url="http://fundforvocations.org/StJDetails.php"]http://fundforvocations.org/StJDetails.php[/url][/quote]

Thanks for the link, that's a good resource to have.

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Oh my gosh, what wonderful news - does it feel like it's all happening so quickly?

To think of it! In a little over 7 days you will enter the monastery doors and that will be - as the psalmist says - "my resting place, forever" should all go well!

It must be both terrifying and marvelous - a terrible beauty.

I will keep you especially in my prayers in these next 7 days as I pray the LOTH - what an awesome time for you!

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