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Carmel Of The Holy Cure D'ars


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[quote name='Chiquitunga' timestamp='1295209681' post='2200783']
I'm not sure which 7 you're talking about in particular, but you can tell what Constitutions each one is under by looking through their addresses on the official Discalced Carmelite Order's site, [url="http://www.discalcedcarmel.com"]http://www.discalcedcarmel.com[/url] [url="http://www.discalcedcarmel.com/index.php?Seccion=europaodir&CodNacion=29"]Here[/url] are all addresses of the nuns in France. The ones with three stars (and one star, which indicates they are still under the Father General of the Order) next to their names are under the old (1990) Constitutions. Here they are ..

Monastère du Carmel
2, Place Marguerite de Lorraine
61000 ***Alençon
Tel. 0233261566

Carmel Saint Cure d'Ars
Rue du Carmel
01480 ***Ars sur Formans
Tel. 0474007124

Monastère du Carmel
26, rue Lecoq de Boisbaudran
16100 ***Cognac
Tel. 0545820960

Monastère du Carmel
69, Avenue de Ceinture
94000 *Créteil
Tel. (1) 0142074096

Monastère du Carmel
28 bis, Place Gambetta
64400 ***Oloron-Sainte-Marie
Tel. 0559391780

Thanks so much for the help!! :)

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