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Arranged is a very good movie. It can be found on Netflix. It's about a Muslim woman and an orthodox Jewish woman who work in an inner city school together and they form a common bond. It's very real and very authentic. Oh, and refreshing! 

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The Young Messiah
In this faith-based drama that unfolds from the perspective of a 7-year-old Jesus, Mary and Joseph leave Egypt and return with their son to Nazareth.  They soon realize that he’s destined to change the course of history.
It is a well-made movie depicting what the life of Jesus as a 7 year old boy, could have been… 
The scenery was perfect and the photography was well done parts.
Overall it was a decent movie.

available on netflex 

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I haven't seen a movie in about three years. I was in Bologna, Italy when the last Star Trek movie came out, and caught the Italian premiere (in 3-D) at a midnight showing with someone who's crazy for Star Trek. 

Well tomorrow, (Monday, July 25) I will see the new Star Trek release, with the same person, but not in Bologna. 


I'm waiting with bated breath. 

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There was one wildly unnecessary sex scene at the beginning (ugh, it seems like they just throw them in for fun nowadays; skip), and a lot of strong language (be warned if you're sensitive to that), but other than that I thought it was a really cool exploration of motherhood, family, humanity, and the pain that's caused by familial instability.

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On 7/24/2016 at 11:21 PM, dominicansoul said:

The letters


excelllent and inspiring but waaaaaay too short! 


  They referred to the Loretto nuns as being cloistered... that's incorrect.  I had a view small gripes with it like that. And, it would have been better to have not dwelt so much on certain things at the beginning like the tension with the mother superior and the hindu couple, so as to have more time for other things…

Eye in the Sky… it's pretty and gripping intense for a movie that dwells on one particular scenario. A lot of drama, and it's kind of difficult (harrowing) to watch at times. The movie raises important ethical and moral questions about drone strikes and collateral damage. 

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