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[img]http://i569.photobucket.com/albums/ss140/jmjtcarmelite/StFrancisandSanDamianocrucifix.jpg[/img] [i]"That is why those of us who were with Francis from the beginning always started walking

[quote name='faithcecelia' timestamp='1315478335' post='2302075'] I used to see the Friars of the Fenewal at New Dawn each year, especially Fr Stan who I was lucky enough to get to chat to about bein

Meeting some Franciscans a week from tomorrow! Excited! I wrote Rev Mother Abbess at PCC Cleveland yesterday. Cant wait to hear back from her.

[quote name='MargaretTeresa' timestamp='1315579512' post='2302535']

Actually, neither. Although I do want to drop in on the Poor Clares in Memphis...
I'm visiting the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity a week from today!!!!!!
THAT is so amesome!!! I can't wait to hear about it!!! Really I can't wait!!! :bounce:

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[quote name='franciscanheart' timestamp='1316039661' post='2304748']
Jesus is the love of my life. Always. :) But I still haven't heard from the Sisters...

Yeah, that bites the dust. I wonder why they are taking so long to get back to you. It's almost like 2009 when I tried to contact them in June by sending the questionnaire form and Sr. Francis didn't get back to me until October. I thought she learned her lesson after she felt so bad about waiting so long. I wonder if they are extremely busy with new postulant entrances or something...

Have you tried calling?

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[quote name='TeresaBenedicta' timestamp='1316114343' post='2305146']
At this point, I'd call. I think the time span has safely moved from "patience" to time for "persistence", if you know what I mean ;). Things happen- e-mails/letters/phone messages get lost and/or forgotten.

I think that is most definitely appropriate. I left a message on their answering machine when I was wondering about when I could come and I hadn't heard from either Sr. Francis or Sr. Francesca in quite a while. It was like November or December 2009 and I had just gotten some unexpected money. :)

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