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Vocation Explosion!


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[quote name='LaPetiteSoeur' timestamp='1290596866' post='2189017']
I'm confused...as a Dominican I know nothing about the 1990-1991 constitutions. What does that mean?


Dieu vous benisse! Thanks for enlightening me!

The 1990 Constitutions are the original ones the Discalced Carmelite Nuns have been under since their beginnings in 16th century, with some updates/adaptions to the times and the current Canon Law. They were approved by JPII December 8th, 1990. The 1991 Constitutions were approved the following year. They are a new set of constitutions and are not as "strict" so to say, as the former ones. Most Carmels today are under the 1991s. Here's a Spanish blog about it, [url="http://carmelitasdescalzas1990.blogspot.com/"]http://carmelitasdescalzas1990.blogspot.com/[/url]

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[quote name='PrayerSupporter' timestamp='1290603612' post='2189020']
There are also the Carmelite nuns in North Dakota: [url="http://www.fargodiocese.org/vocations/carmelmary/index.html"]http://www.fargodioc...mary/index.html[/url]

They are O.Carm and not OCD and therefore are outside of the discussion of 1990-91 constituions, as far as I'm aware. But they still look very traditional.

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Well there might be a Vocation Explosion
but not in the UK. Cloistered communities are dying and a lot of bishops do nothing to help and support them.

I can see that, I'm telling you!

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[quote name='littlellama17' timestamp='1290810392' post='2189421']
God reward you for suggesting those Carmels....checking them out!!!!!!!! :like:

I know, from experience, that contacting a Carmel can be very nervewracking--at least it was for me. I contacted several in the early stages of my discernment when I wasn't sure where I was called and I procrastinated in sending letters or emails. Once I sent them out though and got responses, I was relieved. Out of those I contacted, my favorite were the Buffalo Carmel and the Denmark Carmel. Both these Carmels had amazing prioresses who would answer any questions I had. The Denmark Carmel looks amazing and I wished, back then, that I could go there, but I never did. Now that I am not discerning, I still have the 3rd class relics that Mother Mary Elizabeth from Denmark, WI sent me of St. Therese. Please don't hesitate to contact her. She responds VERY quickly and with a very kind letter. :)

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