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Divine Mercy 9999


The first time I ever heard Salve Regina was this version. Probably about 10 years before I became Catholic. Absolutely love the song (in many different versions.)

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We havent had a vocational (or just good religious music) music thread for a while so here goes! I love this song [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6w5szlpedY[/media]

I have this video posted on my profile as it is my favorite discernment song. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m62gfhirHH0[/media]

[quote name='vee8' timestamp='1300835169' post='2222460'] Good! I LOVE that dsmme one The first time I watched it I cried, then I think it was shortly after that that I registered for their retrea

[quote name='faithcecelia' timestamp='1307990283' post='2253255']
Although not vocational per se, this has been the main song of my journey! A short time before I entered, my mother attempted suicide. She was unconcious for a long time, and then in a psychiactric hospital for nearly 4 months. This song came into my head as I walked home at about 1am the day she had gone in and I sang it with tears pouring down my face, knowing that it was, in a way, God's answer to my prayer earlier that day when I asked Him if I really should be leaving mum - I had been her carer for 20yrs from age 8. The same song has come to me repeatedly ever since, almost always in tough times and especially since I was sent away from Q.

Its the 2nd verse that gets me everytime:

Blessed be Your Name on the road marked with suffering, though there's pain in the offering, Blessed be Your Name

Then this one has also become 'my' song, the fear and hesitation, but determination to give all.


I love the song "Blessed Be Your Name"

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I heard this in a doctor's office and thought others might appreciate it in this context:


I can't embed it, but it's so worth checking out! ;)

I didn't really watch the whole video so I hope there isn't any overly physical scenes from the movie footage...

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Thanks to my new friend Kathy, she's introduced me to Danielle Rose and now I don't know how I lived without her music! This song is perfection.


And also this song called Beautiful One. My Pre-K kids from Bible School over the summer sang part of it and I thought it was just a kids song but we actually sang it at Praise and Worship the other night and I completely freaked out because I knew it and I had actually been thinking about it earlier that day so it was shocking. I sang my heart out with a big smile and now that I've heard the whole song, the lyrics are just so true


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Oh man, I love those Sister Act clips!

These are a couple of songs that I like to listen to during those times in discernment when I feel like I've completely lost my way. They remind me that discernment happens on God's time, not mine!

[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfc9y7X3zog"]"Your Love"[/url] by Brandon Heath

[i]I felt it first when I was younger[/i]
[i]A strange connection to the light
I tried to satisfy the hunger[/i]
[i]But I never got it right, I never got it right[/i]

[i]So I climbed a mountain, built an altar[/i]
[i]Looked out as far as I could see[/i]
[i]And everyday I'm getting older[/i]
[i]I'm running out of dreams, running out of dreams[/i]

[i]But your love, your love[/i]
[i]The only thing that matters is[/i]
[i]Your love, your love[/i]
[i]It's all I have to give[/i]
[i]Your love is enough[/i]
[i]To light up the darkness[/i]
[i]It's your love, your love[/i]
[i]All I ever needed is your love...[/i]

[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3YwDjbVq9Q"]"Pull Me Out"[/url] by Bebo Norman

[i]...This could be all about just letting go[/i]
[i]This could be all about just holding on[/i]

[i]I can't get my feet off of the ground[/i]
[i]I wanna run but I don't know how[/i]
[i]Can you reach down here and pull me out[/i]
[i]Can you pull me out?[/i]
[i]I wanna scream but there's no sound[/i]
[i]I wanna fly to you somehow[/i]
[i]Can you reach me here and pull me out[/i]
[i]Can you pull me out?[/i]

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I heard this song for the first time ever at my CRHP retreat this weekend and it has become such a powerful song as I believe it describes where I am in my relationship with Jesus Christ right now. I can't help but cry when I sing along because it is so beautiful.


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Sang this at Mass last night. It made me happy. I have not sang it since maybe freshman year of high school. Our Pastor wouldn't let it apparently. He's a great pastor, just very fussy about the music. However this defines m.y Vocation and aarrr aarrr. I would love to have it sung at at least one of m.y professions!

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Yesterday, at Mass, they played the song that always gets to me. me mom said that if I provide a witness for this next CRHP weekend in March, that this should be one of me songs. I agree!


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