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Surprise Visit

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[quote name='dominicansoul' timestamp='1316100427' post='2305048']
i'm just dying to see her in her habit!!! I bet she is positively glowing!!!
Seriously? I thought I sent you a pic, already...Wow, this pregnancy thing has turned my brain to mush! :crazy:

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Greetings, VS-ers! In an unexpected turn of events, I was able to go visit my sister at the Nashville Dominicans, this weekend. (I hadn't been sure until just last week that I was going, but my paren

[quote name='MarisStella' timestamp='1316221550' post='2305652'] Same here! I saw a cute little pregnant lady and I figured it was you too, but I thought it would be really weird if I was like "He

[quote name='Lil'Monster' timestamp='1315796106' post='2303560'] yes you are why am i posting here? in VS? I am not gonna be a nun...im gonna be hitched with loads of kids [/quote] [quo

[quote name='dominicansoul' timestamp='1316100827' post='2305051']
no, you haven't!!! I was wondering why! hahahahahahahaa
LOL! Whoops! I told my mom I did! :hehe2:

[quote name='Deus_te_Amat' timestamp='1316100905' post='2305052']
Yesterday was another one of the novices feast days. (She's a friend of mine from school), apparently they did line dancing. :hehe:
One of the other novices was asking us stuff about my sister to figure out what to do for her feast day.

[quote name='jruss' timestamp='1316101299' post='2305054']
I am really happy you got to go MS. With all those pregnancy hormones you would have gone positively EMO before a year was out. Luckily there aren't too many commercials about nuns to get you crying! :cry:
I just sent you an e-mail. ;)

[quote name='vee8' timestamp='1316101462' post='2305056']
Commercials about nuns you say?


because one can never see this enough
I LOVE that commercial. Makes me laugh, EVERY time! rotfl

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The ninja nun reminds me of a great commercial I came up with to go with the "Hockey fans are not like other fans!" I even tried to contact them, but never heard back. Maybe I should try again.

Here it is--based on real events (right before my Penguin hockey loving-Red Wing hating daughter entered) We were at a gas station and she saw a red wing fan in the store during the Stanley Cup finals Pens vs. Red Wings.

Picture a car with 2 nuns at a gas station (Dominicans of course--black and white) One nun is in the car after pumping gas looking in the rear view mirror at the store waiting for nun #2 to come out. Nun #2 exits double glass doors as a Red Wing jerseyed fan is entering store. Fully habited nun CHECKS red wing fan into the door and runs and jumps in the car as nun #1 peels out. And on the bumper of their car is a PENGUIN bumper sticker! And then the announcer says, "Hockey fans are NOT like other fans!"

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WAIT. Sr. Angela Marie is a Penguins fan? I'm not sure I can be friends with her. :| I will need to inform my sister, as well. rotfl.
My sister got freaked out on by Sr. Joan of Arc on Saturday night, because my sister started cheering for Michigan in the Michigan-Notre Dame football game. (My hubby is a Michigan fan, so that's why my sister picked that side) Sr. Joan of Arc told her that her patron, Sr. Anne Therese would be horrified, because she was a die hard Notre Dame fan.
One wouldn't expect sports to be such a huge deal to a house full of women! But boy, do they get into it!

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Oh are you a hockey fan???
Then this is especially for you and peanut!


I'm afraid to ask who you are a fan of (NOT red wings!!!!)

I also hear the Aussies have turned many sisters on to Australian football. My daughter says she loves it b/c it is almost as violent as hockey! The Sisters' sweet exteriors mask some deep dark secrets apparently.

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Oh and yes, they watch football-- especially the Saints since the owners donate millions. The whole community watched when they won the Super Bowl 2 years ago. Apparently it is the first time the prayer schedule was altared for a sporting event! My daughter said Mother was the Sister most into the game.

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[quote name='she_who_is_not' timestamp='1316106078' post='2305080']
O.K. Sign me up. I am a huge Saints fan. I always thought I'd have to give up football for Jesus.
There is one sister (don't know the name) who is a lifelong saints fan. Well she got to sit in the OWNER'S BOX with the Benson's for the last super bowl. Haven't you heard that God gives back a hundredfold?

Also, the Benson's gave the convent tix for the preseason game Nashville vs. New Orleans last year. Over a hundred sisters went and they got many curious comments because people thought they were dressing up as saints :woot:

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