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[quote name='MaterMisericordiae' timestamp='1318123394' post='2318193']
This reminds me of one great moment in my home church history.

My family's first mass there was a noon Sunday Mass. After issues with our previous parish, my father simply said "Find a noon Mass." At the end of a wonderful Mass, the priest said "Now if you see three black kittens running around, don't worry--I'm just catsitting." Well, that endeared him to my family (we have four cats) and my mother says she thinks that's one reason why we liked that priest so much!

He is brave; he spent two days at my parents' with four cats and just visited me! :)

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[quote name='brandelynmarie' timestamp='1318145775' post='2318459']
:hehe2: How on earth did he end up catsitting?

I have no idea! I think the cats may have belonged to one of his siblings or maybe a cousin or something.

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[quote name='brandelynmarie' timestamp='1319480016' post='2326315']
Where did you find this? :hehe2:

I bought a Brother Choleric book... There are lots more...


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