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Dta's Countdown Thread

Deus te Amat

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I broke.

I called the convent, and a sweet older Sister picked up and knew DtA's full name already, along with my other friends in the postulancy. For the number of newbies they have, I found that quite impressive. She said they are doing well, and that the pictures will be up at a TBA date because the Sisters have been dealing with a funeral for one of their own (I think this is what she said). The funeral took place today so things should be calming down quite a bit.

It seems like DtA is in wonderful hands! Knowing the size of the community, I expected to say her name and have the Sister say, "There are so many postulants, they're like horses. I could never learn their names so quickly. What did you say her first name was? Let me go look through the postulant file folder..."

I am so glad that this was not true! :)

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[quote name='Lil Red' timestamp='1345783945' post='2473362']
You did what now? Over pictures? :huh:

Yes. :blush: Hence, 'broke.' At least the older Sister did not call me out on it! That would have been mortifying....and it was already a very embarrassing phone call.

Sister: "You want what now?"
Me: "Erm...an update on my friends in the postulancy..[size=1]and I was also wondering when the pictures were going to be up[/size]."

Bless that Sister's heart! I think she was bored because she seemed to enjoy chatting. I have wondered what the older Dominican teaching sisters do.

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