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You Know You Are A Future Nun Part 2


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When several of your friends and teens (youth minister) call you Future Sister Katherine

When your family gives you a board game about nuns in a convent for Christmas

Your heart flutters during the Consecration of the Eucharist and you never want to leave Mass, Eucharistic Adoration or the chapel.

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...if having to select lay clothes every day is seriously penitential. (The habit in my past is one of the best gifts I ever received. I can't help but wonder if there mightn't still be one in my fut

When you finally tell your brothers in your community that you're going to be entering, and they're leaping with joy, and can't contain themselves in telling you that they've felt this for a long time

When you tell your mom that you're going to the convent this evening and she asks if you're coming back  :hehe2:

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When you keep a picture of the Sacred Heart and a picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Help on your dresser and kiss both pictures every night before going to sleep. Sometimes you also slip the pictures under your pillow at bedtime and put them up again in the morning.

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when you're in the library of your catholic university, and you can say the name of all the congregation of the religious that are in the library, even when they only wear a cross

(currently, we have two Tyburn nuns, one jesuits, one Institute of Christ the King priest, some diocesan priest from ivory coast, a sister of the prado, two little sisters of the lamb and a nun to be student ;) )

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When you ask for Veggie Tales videos for Christmas and your birthday with the intention of using them someday when you become a Religion Teacher (again this is all my life story right here)

This brings back a fun memory of my sister and I.  We used to sing the Veggie Tales theme-song, alternating words...

She'd sing "If"

I'd sing "You"

She: "like"


and we'd continue singing about talking to tomatoes and waltzing with potatoes up and down the produce aisle.

That was kind of fun.  I also really like the SuperBook Bible study cartoons. 

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Starting a new thread, because FP pointed out that the old one was getting close to the limit. Here's a link to the old thread for future reference: http://www.phatmass.com/phorum/topic/108961-you-know-you-are-a-future-nun/

When you wonder why there are five postulants from the order that has a community nearby at your parish. (Last I knew there was only one perpetually professed sister and two sisters who I'm assuming are in temporary vows. The sisters are moved around a bit, and I think that the community near here is a novitiate. And, if anyone is wondering, the order is the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT).)

​This the website for SOLT - they have a formation house in Texas.  http://www.solt.net/

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When after visiting with the community you miss the presence of prayer stools/benches. Particularly for silent prayer and adoration they are the best. 

While at a conference the community puts on people keep on confusing you with the postulants. I had to explain that I have just spent a lot of time with the community so I know many of the practices of the community and know their normal schedule really well.

You finally get up the nerve to actually tell the prioress you want to enter. (Nothing official yet since I still have debts and any possible entrance is still over a year away but I'm happy!)

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When your best friend keeps reassuring: 'don't worry about it.... your Boyfriend will take care of it...!!'


When you get rid of half your clothes and stuff in your room like three years in advance because you can't wait


When 'Beloved' by Tenth Avenue North makes you cry and your head nods the whole way through


When your wall posters are of saints and you have quotes from the Song of Songs all over your wall


When you realize that your daily schedule looks more and more monastic


When all you read is saints novels


When you cry and cry because you are too young to enter or need that degree first, and every day is an age!!!


When you don't care about cutting your hair off - in fact you want to cut off the first piece yourself!!


When your diary pages are full of lame poetry and love letters to God...

Guilty of all

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When you have trouble explaining why you don't want to go to college



When you refer to an order as "your nuns" ! :nun1:


When you're distracted with what order to enter and have trouble with becoming distracted by researching orders instead of doing homework  :P


When you have to lamely say, "Oh, I just went to Mass" after someone asks why you're smiling so big


When you don't know which community to write to first! or all at once? 


When you discuss orders like your friends discuss boys.  :)



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When you get excited to introduce your parents to the VD of the order with which you're discerning. . . . And when your parents are willing, during a six-hour road trip, to drive in the traffic-ridden Washington D.C. metro area in order to meet the VD.

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