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It's Boring In Here. Let's Shake It Up.

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I could just start asking random VS ladies out on dates, if that would make things exciting. :P  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StyvH7W-ilY          A different cover.  Dedicated to you all. :nun1:

Well Seminary is looking very hopeful for the Fall. I sent a message today to my VD concerning my application. I'm waiting on finishing this Semester and getting final grades to move forward, but I'm

Not that I know anything specific but I think that later this summer things will probably get quite interesting. For now I think everyone is kind of in a "holding pattern".

It sounds like there are going to be a ton of retreats though and good stuff always comes out of those!

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Meh. Someone needs to enter.






:yawn: :yawn: :yawn:

Obviously that means you should give Mary's Child money so that she can. http://myheartmyall.wordpress.com/2013/03/24/a-brilliant-idea/


They won't let me enter for 5 years. New convert's curse.



5?!? I'm used to seeing 2-3, but 5??


Yes, we could go to a come and see, a few (discernment) retreats, they would make really great dates.

Be lovely to have the support.


Who you gonna ask to which come and see?

Hm.... If Fink asked us out on retreats, would that mean that we didn't have to pay for airfare/whatever?

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This abbreviation should really have a philter.


But otherwise: Congratulations! And prayers!


LOL, yeah I've thought that before, but I want to save letters. They're expensive doncha' know.

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What ya'll need is a :brutebeast: along for fun.  And I can keep ARFink in line.  AnneLine has her ways.  (I can risk saying this now that he has returned my computer... except that he has remote access... uh. oh..... :eek:


As far as VS not being exciting right now... it is because we have the NERVE to have had all our nunnabees turn into nunbecomes.   And that is a good reason for a boring season.


BUT it is time to start sowing a new crop.... and taking care of our semi-perennials who are in holding patterns.  

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