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It's Boring In Here. Let's Shake It Up.

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Sort of. They just discovered I have Crohn's disease. I have to take medication for the rest of my life, and they are now checking if it's working. If it is, I'll probably have no serious problems in the future. I'm just hoping this isn't going to prevent me from entering...

(how's that for shaking things up ;) )


Ohhh... I'm really sorry. :-(


I will pray that you feel better soon and that God's will be done!

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I could just start asking random VS ladies out on dates, if that would make things exciting. :P  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StyvH7W-ilY          A different cover.  Dedicated to you all. :nun1:

Well Seminary is looking very hopeful for the Fall. I sent a message today to my VD concerning my application. I'm waiting on finishing this Semester and getting final grades to move forward, but I'm

Oh stealing is ok, no probs at all.



Jesus is a thief! 



He stole the whole universe from ol nick!  After all prior to that, that thing ruled it -  and Jesus did not ask stupid if He could have it or if stupid would kindly donate it to Him.  Jesus simply took it! :buddies2:................and all the while that absolutely astounding stupid thing is thinking that it has finally won and Jesus is finally gotten rid of for good.  I wonder at what point stupid woke up of how stupid and wrong his conclusion was ...................... yet again.


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Well I have news but I'm a selfish news-hoarder. :P That or I'm waiting for things to be more definite before posting to the world. :) :nunpray:


I agree that things should get more interesting during/after the summer. I anticipate some moving and shaking.  :bounce:

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Ooooo tantalizing tidbits! I can't wait to hear the whole thing  :popcorn:





Anyways I love how this has become the "Everyone give a quick one or two line update on your discernment" thread

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I'm nervous that if/when I ask for papers I might be denied. What are some reasons why would they say "no" to someone asking for papers? 


How can I better trust God and stop fearing this?

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This is an interesting question. In my diocese you start meeting with the VocDir (much better than VD, I Think?) and when they feel like you are a true potential candidate they give you the papers and invite you to fill them out. It can take several meetings or longer for some before that happens. I guess I just assumed that was how it worked for most Application processes. So is this NOT the case? Is it more common to ask for them instead of waiting to be invited?

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It is quiet because of me! I haven't been on here that much.


Well I guess I can try to get people excited in here...



I still have a baby tooth...it's loose...it hurts a little...but I hope I can pull it out soon.....it is driving me bananas. That is my random note of today.



As goes for discernment...



Well the Dsmme retreat is in May.....it's a month away from today.




And I am not entering anytime soon so forget that!!!! :|





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