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Another Countdown :) Upcoming 30 Day Retreat


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this is so awesome cmaria!!! :clap: I'm excited for you!! I remember once we were talking about this when I was asking you about your 8 day retreat a couple years ago ... so wonderful you're doing the 30 days now!!  :pray:


:) I've done two more 8 day retreats since :).  Up to last October I was averaging an 8 day retreat every 6 months.  I had to cut back due to a class I'm taking, plus I was saving up vacation time for the 30 day.


BTW -- I broke down this weekend and was sort of on retreat ... (yes ... I posted on PM during that time).  One thing I did prove this past weekend -- I have no self discipline to keep the smartphone off!  Let's see -- I prayed, ordered something from Amazon, played Candy Crush Saga, read and posted on facebook, read and posted on Phatmass.


Every time I wanted to avoid praying ... yup.  I went to the Smartphone.   Eh -- praying won out (loud and clear did He come across in spite of my avoidance tactics).


Ha -- rule #13.  I probably need to let my director know. :)  I'll let him know when I get to the retreat, by giving him the Smartphone.

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Guest Allie

amesome news!  I'll be praying for you.  It was during an 8 day Ignatian retreat that I received the grace to accept  my vocation.  May all the pain of these days bear great fruit in you for His Holy Church.



edited for my atrocious spelling.

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I decided it's probably time to post once again ....  the countdown is now:


14 days


In all honesty -- I am freaking out.  Really.  I mean -- really freaking out about the retreat.




a) my struggles in prayer.  I've been trying (trying) to pray daily. It's been really, really hard

b) during most of my 8-9-10 day retreats, I never ran into a sustained period of desolation.  I figure during the 30 day there will probably be at least a bit of that.  That really scares me.

c) I *know* that it will be life changing.  Am I ready for that?

d) I've been through a tough few months.  If the Lord permitted that, possibly as a purification/preparation before this retreat, I can only imagine during.  I've been coming face-to-face with the reality of me for the last few months.  And this retreat is probably more of that -- but more intense (since I can escape from facing it during "regular life", but during a 30 day silent retreat I doubt that I can escape it for any real length of time)

e) I am facing a vocational decision during that time -- and I don't know, but do I really, really want to hear what God wants?

Anyway -- I know you all will be praying :).  I have to figure out how to pack (I need to call the house and find out if I have access to a washing machine :) ).  Also I'm trying to decide what to take for reading material.


LOL -- the last time I was on retreat (averaging 4 hrs of prayer)  I must have read somewhere between 10-15 books, and I'm being asked to take only 6.  That's HARD! :)  I can get through 6 in a week if I'm not careful.  

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Ok pham ... I am down to



(Well really three, but I travel in two...)


I'm trying (trying) to pack, etc.  I did learn that there are a number of retreatants, so pray for all of us.  I am a bit stressed, but looking forward to arriving. 


Ha ... someone at work actually said "are you sure you want to come back to work straight from the retreat?"  rotfl

The good news is that it looks like things are winding down so it will be relatively quiet at work.  That is great -- to come back to a somewhat calm environment instead of the mad house that has been the last 3-4 weeks.  Priceless.


I do ask everyone to keep me in your prayers.  I'll probably not post again until I return (my time is really limited right now).


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To Jesus Through Mary

Praying for you and your fellow exercitants, C-Maria!


Ditto!!! Many many prayers Cma! May your exercises be truly fruitful! 

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