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Second Retreat (dc's Updates)


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Try Moby Dick - one of the most overexplained stories ever written. I like Melville's short stories better (Bartleby, the Scrivener is funny.)




It seems like there was an entire chapter dedicated to the color "white." (I thought it was beautiful...I just didn't get past a couple pages.)


Hamlet was awesome...especially the BBC edition with Dr. Who and Captain Picard.  :flex:

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I hated that part!


One university sent my acceptance letter and my financial aid packet all at once. The other it was like pulling teeth to get even the slightest bit of information about financial aid out of them. NOT fun!

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I hated Shakespeare. *hides in corner*



 I used to watch it on TV- alongside a good commentary I could understand. I had an English teacher who convinced my parents I needed to do Advanced level English Literature, despite the fact I hated it and struggled with dyslexia. It was like a two year boot camp, urgh

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It's not unusual for people who are grieving our Lord's passion to find they are also once again grieving other things that have happened and/or people they have lost.  Unite youor pain with Jesus, and use it for souls, DC.   Jesus loves you enough to die for you... and for all of us.  As St. Ignatius puts it so beautifully, the questions to ask yourself at the foot of the Cross, as you contemplate His love for us... is "What have I done for Christ?  What am I doing for Christ?  What will I do for Christ?"


Praying for you... and for all of us...



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