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Second Retreat (dc's Updates)


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HE'S NOT THERE ANYMORE. :cry: :cry4: 


I did think of a really cool parallel. Good Friday, we walk into the church and see the empty tabernacle. "He's not here."


Easter Sunday, we walk to the empty tomb and see the stone rolled away. "He's not here." 

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We were supposed to go to brunch as a family at a fancy restaurant this morning. 


My parents and grandma got into a huge fight. My grandma left. 


So my dad and I are going to IHOP tonight for dinner. 




This sucketh muchly. 


Mass last night was awesome, though.

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Apparently the opening number (or part of it) of the Stars on Ice show this year is set to the Dominican "Salve" and the costumes are black and white...?! (I didn't go; I heard this from a friend.)


Incorporating culture, yo. :nun:

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So mad right now...a friend had a prayer meeting at her house. She had a first-class relic and a Rosary belonging to JP2. I didn't go. I didn't go because even though my mom got the invitation, she couldn't be bothered to tell me! :wall: I didn't even HEAR about it until it actually happened! I told my mom about it (since I figured it was a thing for the women's club at the church or something; I'm not part of the women's club) and she said, "Oh, yeah, we were invited to that." I said, "AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME???!?" All she could say was, "Oh. Sorry."

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I didn't read that right...I thought you posted that you got a kiss....



That's why I need to wear my glasses!

:blush: That's what I read too.... And I'm wearing my glasses, so I have no excuse. Well, I need new ones, but my vision isn't that bad.

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Well, I got to kiss a first-class relic of JP2. :bounce:


Seems to be quite a few of those being sent out now.


I also was able to venerate a 1st class relic of JPII!

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