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Church Not Taking Devil Seriously, Exorcist Warns

Bruce S

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He wasn't speaking of popularity. Your life should be a witness of the Good News, the Gospel. If people don't see that in you, then you are not living the Gospel. People should not see Bruce, they should see Christ Jesus dwelling within Bruce.

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[quote name='Bruce S' date='Jun 16 2004, 11:07 AM'] Mother, I have posted the information surrounding his death before, here on this site, I cannot find that link.

But the obituary of John Fitzgerald Kennedy said that Lee Harvey Oswald killed him.

Obits can be MOST misinformed, for example, almost no one was listed as dying from AIDS, were they?

And JP I, died in his sleep. Yeah right. Yallop is a good read too.


I stand behind my statement. Malachai is a Saint to me. [/quote]
I think I'll stick with his obituary and not your usual conspiracy theories.

Most people take Saints as heroes....

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Guest JeffCR07

Back to exorcism: I would like to reply to MartinLuther's post on everyone being able to exorcise.

There are certain things, like the Sacraments, that only priests are allowed to do, but I think exorcism is something that the Church has, over time, deemed it wise to relegate to only priests, and only certain trained priests.

Satan is a terrible foe, and while he is no match for Christ, in any situation, our [i]faith[/i] in Christ can waver, much like Peter's when he was walking on the water towards Jesus.

If we are succeptable to Pride, Lust, Avarice, or any of the other temptations that the Prince of Darkness has at his disposal, we will fail and we will fall. If we stand before the possessed and see things like levitation or other signs of satan's power, and we fear him, we will fail as well.

I think the church is wise to appoint exorcists. I know that, truly, I [i]would[/i] be scared if I saw a possessed person and, while I pray that God would give me strength, I know that we all have different callings.

On that note, one could also look to scripture, I apologize, I don't have my Bible with me (I'm at work) but there is a passage that describes how we all have been given different gifts: some the gift to speak in tongues, some the gift of prophesy, some to heal the sick, others the ability to cast out evil spirits

hope that explanation helps!

- Your Brother in Christ, Jeff

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The problem with Christianity in general is that we're pushing the teachings of Hell, Satan, and demons into a dark corner.

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[quote name='Bruce S' date='Jun 16 2004, 08:19 AM'] Frankly Monk, I don't CARE what "people think" about MY Christian walk.

I don't see where POPULARITY with everyone was a virtue that Christ taught.

He Himself, got Himself nailed to a cross for HIS efforts.

And 10 of the 12 Apostles got themselves killed for speaking out too.

You go, play "Mr. Popularity" I'm not into that game. [/quote]

I'm not here to be popular... and by "here" I mean earth.

I'm here to proclaim Christ to every person I meet...to learn, to love, to live... for Christ.

and as I said, I'll MORE than willingly be a martyr for Christ. :D

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Have you noticed how popular it is to be anti-Catholic? As a Catholic; if you're in england, you can't run for office, wherever you are - the media is always trying to trash you, people who claim to love Christ call you idoltor, unChristian, papist, etc...

Have you noticed how so many people are proud of the diversity of the protestant faiths?

What did Christ and the Apostles teach about One Faith and Unity?

Can someone please show me where they said to divide?

God Bless,

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You are running with Bruce's word "popularity," as if it was stated by a Catholic. It was not, and Bruce fundamentally mistook the intention of the poster.

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I get tired of the praise of unity when its always unity at the expense of truth.

I think Malachi Martin figured out a lot of what was going on.


He may have been wrong about what the Catholic Church really was but he defenitely stood up against the evils and for that he is worthy of respect. I beleive Trads who stand for Christ only against the universalism very well could be among the wheat of the church--those who refuse the AntiChrist. I pray God brings them into full truth, but at least the faith in Christ is there will they will not refuse Him for other gods.

I think Malachi Martin was a prophet when he wrote [i]Windswept House.[/i] He spoke of homosexual cults that were related to sex abuse. Deviant lifestyles are related to cultic activity. Windswept House was published LONG before the sex scandals broke and obvious cults have been found--Ive seen Catholics talking about the ones in Albany and other places.

Malachi Martin knew that the corruption in the Catholic Church was going to come from the top. I think he is right about the Satanic activity. He also was going to write a last book, before he got killed that was supposed to be about the Catholic church's collusion with the New World Order.

The Pope right now barely believes in hell. Many modern Theologians, Catholics and Protestants deny that hell is a real and actual place.

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Guest JeffCR07

Budge, the Holy Father DEFINATELY believes in Hell. He [Edit] performed 3 exorcisms, lol. How can you perform an exorcism and not believe in Hell?

[color=red][Edited by Ice Princess: please see pinned topic on "offensive language".][/color]

Edited by IcePrincessKRS
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[quote name='ironmonk' date='Jun 16 2004, 02:50 PM'] As a Catholic; if you're in england, you can't run for office [/quote]
Is this an actual law? :o

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One of his exorcisms was reported as FAILING.

[quote]Pope performs exorcism on raging teen-age girl

By JOHN NORTON, Catholic News Service (from THE RECORD. Louisville, KY)

[b]Pope John Paul II performed an impromptu exorcism on a teen-age girl who flew into a possessed rage at the end of an audience in St. Peter's Square, said the chief exorcist for the Diocese of Rome.

Rome's exorcist, Pauline Father Gabriele Amorth, said Sept. 11 that the pope spent more than half an hour praying over the girl and ordering a demon to leave her, but[u] failed to fully cure her[/u].[/b]

The girl, identified as a 19 year-old Italian with a history of possession, was in the front row at the pope's weekly general audience Sept. 6. As the pope prepared to leave, she began screaming incomprehensibly and speaking in a "cavernous voice," Father Amorth said.

As security personnel struggled to restrain her "superhuman" efforts to break free, Bishop Gianni Danzi, a top Vatican City official, alerted the pope.

In an area away from the square, the pope hugged this poor little girl, tried to console her, and promised that the next day, Thursday morning, he would celebrate his Mass for her," Father Amorth said.

Father Amorth was not present at the papal exorcism, but said he had performed an exorcism on the girl the previous day. Father Amorth said that after the girl met with the pope, Bishop Danzi and he performed another exorcism that lasted for two hours.

During that exorcism, the priest said, the demon mocked the pope, saying, "Not even your (church) head can send me away."

"This is a case where the possession is very, very strong," said Father Amorth, founder and president of the International Association of Exorcists.

"From what can be foreseen by us exorcists, it will take years of exorcisms" for the girl to be fully cured, he said.

The pope did not perform a full ritual exorcism, but Father Amorth said that ritual elements make only "the slightest difference" to an exorcism's effectiveness. "Many, many exorcists don't do the ritual exorcism, but limit themselves to praying and to ordering the demon to go," he said.

Father Amorth said the girl has been possessed since she was 12 years old and was sent to him for consultation by the exorcist of the Archdiocese of Milan, who had never dealt with such a severe case.

Bishop Danzi was unavailable to comment, his secretary told Catholic News Service. The Vatican's press office also declined comment.

Pope John Paul reportedly has carried out at least two other exorcisms in the Vatican: one in 1978 and one in 1982.[/quote]

[b]They had to get out the spin doctors to help cover that one up[/b]


[quote]Comforting the Afflicted
Pope John Paul II Soothes Distraught Woman; Vatican Refuses to Call It an Exorcism

By Ann Wise

R O M E, Sept. 12 — Pope John Paul II blessed and comforted a distraught young woman who created a disturbance in St. Peter’s Square, the Vatican said,[b] but it refused to characterize the encounter as an exorcism.[/b][/quote]

Was Armoth lying in the above?

Edited by Budge
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Guest JeffCR07

No he wasn't. The vast majority of people consider a true exorcism to be a full series of ritual exorcisms over an appropriate period of time. The Holy Father did not do that, seeing as it was not the proper setting, nor was there proper time to prepare. What he did was localized part of a ritual exorcism.

So who's right? Well, they both are, technically. Did the Holy Father preform an incomplete exorcism? Yes. Did he perform an official, ritualized exorcism? No

Also, how does that article prove that the Pope doesn't believe in Hell?

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The first article quotes a primary source, straight from the horse's mouth, and gives names.

The second article simply says "the Vatican" refused to call something an exorcism.

The second article is from ABC News. Isn't that the same group that showed that blasphemous program on Christ and St. Paul?

I'll accredit the first source.

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