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Number of mass shootings in 2019 per country

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Feeling guilt and shame is 100% appropriate for women that kill their innocent kids. Abortion should be extremely stigmatized and guilt inducing.       

It's also interesting to note that homicide may have a relation to morality. GO FIGURE! I looked at Poland, which has one of the highest percentages of Catholics among all countries. Interestingl

Sadly, the US won’t do anything effective.   Again.  Politicians are busy trying to score political points or defend against political hits.  Extremists are arguing between no guns at a

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On 8/6/2019 at 8:56 PM, Lilllabettt said:

More recently the UK government ordered that a mentally ill woman should be forced to have an abortion against her will - over her own objection and that of her mother.  The approved plan was to drug her, hold her down, and give her a baby doll afterwards.

Thankfully, the case was appealed and three judges overturned the decision. 


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I took a class on criminal justice in the past and for part of a paper I had to look at a hot-button issue currently debated. I looked at mass shootings. I'd like to research the topic more. For the purpose of the assignment though, I wasn't able to explore it more in depth. This is the excerpt on the subject from that paper. I put the biggest problem when researching the problem in bold and put the source for my findings for anyone who wants to read it for themselves.


American leaders from the Republic and Democratic sides disagree on whether gun control laws should be made stricter (Philpott-Jones, para. 5). 

Republicans are against this, claiming "that the issue is one of mental illness rather than gun control" (Philpott-Jones, para. 6). They argue that banning the ownership and selling of semiautomatic weapons and requiring universal background checks on every gun owner aren't going to solve the problem (Philpott-Jones, para. 6). One shooter, Nikolas Cruz, reportedly had been seeking counseling "for an undisclosed mental health issue" according to Broward County officials and his two lawyers (Philpott-Jones, para. 1 and 6). Republicans think that already existing laws that refuse "individuals with certain types or degrees of mental illness" from legally obtaining firearms need to be enforced (Philpott-Jones, para. 6). Doing so includes increasing law enforcement officers' authority to detain mental illness suspects (Philpott-Jones, para. 6). 

Democrats, however, respond that mass shootings are committed "by people with serious mental illness reportedly represent less than 1 percent of all yearly gun-related homicides in the United States" (Philpott-Jones, para. 7). Individuals with diagnosed mental illnesses perpetrate "only 3 percent of all violent crimes" (Philpott-Jones, para. 7). They view the problem as how many firearms Americans own, especially military-style weapons such as AR-15 semiautomatic rifles (Philpott-Jones, para. 7). Claiming that mass shootings and gun violence are just a mental health issue "unfairly stigmatizes the many people living with mental illness" (Philpott-Jones, para. 7). 

Research says that some perpetrators passed "the NICS background check because their mental health diagnoses and treatments did not meet the evidentiary standard required for a prohibition of firearm ownership" (Philpott-Jones, para. 8). Also, numerous individuals get their guns before starting to display symptoms of serious mental illness (Philpott-Jones, para. 8). What's needed is far more research into the causes of mass shootings "and developing evidence-based policy solutions to it" (Philpott-Jones, para. 8). In order to conduct this research, legislation needs to be repealed which forbids "the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, and other federal agencies from conducting research that might be seen as advocating or promoting gun control" (Philpott-Jones, para. 8).

Mass Shootings, Mental Illness, and Gun Control by Sean Philpott‐Jones, 28 March 2018


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Statistics say:

https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/ConditionsAndTreatments/mental-illness-and-violence  "Research by the Australian Institute of Criminology shows that the vast majority of violence is committed by men aged 18 to 30 years. This is more likely when someone has been violent in the past and misuses alcohol or drugs. People in this group are far more likely to be violent than "someone with a mental illness."


https://www.sane.org/information-stories/facts-and-guides/fvm-mental-illness-and-violence  "Among the strongest risk factors for aggressive behaviour are:

  1. being male
  2. being a young adult
  3. having had a troubled childhood
  4. having problems with drug and especially alcohol abuse.

This doesn’t mean that people like this are all violent, or that other people can’t be violent. But crime statistics show that these factors have a much stronger influence than mental illness over a person’s likelihood to act violently."


https://www.mentalhealth.gov/basics/mental-health-myths-facts Myth: People with mental health problems are violent and unpredictable.

Fact: The vast majority of people with mental health problems are no more likely to be violent than anyone else. Most people with mental illness are not violent and only 3%–5% of violent acts can be attributed to individuals living with a serious mental illness. In fact, people with severe mental illnesses are over 10 times more likely to be victims of violent crime than the general population. You probably know someone with a mental health problem and don't even realize it, because many people with mental health problems are highly active and productive members of our communities.

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27 minutes ago, BarbaraTherese said:

having problems with drug and especially alcohol abuse.

Drug abuse and firearms is certainly a red flag, that’s needs to be  scrutinized, just like drinking and driving   Is.


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Texas Shooting Leaves 5 Dead and At Least 21 Injured Near Odessa

Five people were killed and at least 21 others were injured in a brazen daylight drive-by mass shooting in the West Texas cities of Midland and Odessa on Saturday, as a gunman drove on the highways and streets opening fire on residents, motorists and shoppers, the authorities said.


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Suspect: A suspect described as a white male in his 30's was shot and killed in Odessa, according to a Facebook post by the Midland Police Department.

Ector County ISD@EctorCountyISD

We are heartbroken and outraged by the violence that struck our community and our school district today. We are learning that we have lost friends, family members, as well as one of our students. Our lives have been changed forever.

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