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Prayer Request - Sth Aust Bushfires


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Prayers for all those  in danger from the devastating fires   https://nypost.com/2019/12/31/photos-catastrophic-wildfires-continue-to-ravage-australia/#1  


Naturally, I have been closely following the bush fires in dear old Oz. A lot of family live in at risk areas. Hope you are staying safe BT and the air quality isn't just too horrific. I really feel f

The cold change are rolling through, but very high winds are fanning the fires with dust storms whipped up due to dry topsoil and the strong winds.

Two firefighters die: https://edition.cnn.com/2019/12/20/australia/australia-firefighter-death-intl-hnk-scli/index.html

Roads melt in remote areas https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-12-19/catastrophic-fire-conditions-forecast-in-sa-as-temperatures-soar/11815346?pfmredir=sm

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Prayer for those who have been lost or injured in our bushfires as the cool change settles in; for those who have lost everything or almost everything.  Many thanks to our firies and police, also volunteers who did what they could - way beyond call of duty.  Thankfulness and prayer for all who have prayed.

The typical Australian spirit of courage and even thankfulness along with good humour shines through it all.  There have been tears and sadness too - no wonder. 

Prayer for the environment and our animals.  Prayer for the government to do more for the human element in climate change.

Prayer for anything forgotten.

Our bushfire season has only just begun.  There are still bushfires burning.

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New South Wales and Victoria are still in trouble with bushfires.   

Fires still rage in Western Australia https://www.emergency.wa.gov.au/


In the middle of our bushfire crisis in Australia, our Prime Minister decided to keep his holiday arrangements in Hawaii.  Image below.  He returns some time tonight responding to demands from the country he leads.


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1500 Firefighters responded to fires across the state.

More than 100 fires started by lunchtime on Friday.

40,000ha destroyed in all fires.

23 firefighters injured, one seriously.

Two police officers injured.

29 members of the public transported by paramedics as a result of the fires.

90-100 police welfare checks on people who decided to stay and protect their properties.

25,000ha destroyed in Cudlee Creek fire.

27 tier one roadblocks in place around the Cudlee Creek fire.


Weak and matter of fact!  No evident empathy for those who have suffered so much.

Gretel Killeen: “It’s not necessarily being in the battlefield,” she said. “It’s showing your sentiments, your empathy, your vision and your intellect are applied to the problem. And what this showed was that he was not only physically removed, and emotionally removed, but intellectually removed.”

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 Climate campaigners at Kirribilli House protest against Scott Morrison’s Hawaii holiday while bushfires rage across large parts of Australia. Photograph: Jenny Evans/Getty Images

"#Wherethebloodyhellareyou and #wheresScotty trends on Twitter in relation to Morrison, including missing posters, as the PMO and McCormack, who holds a press conference, refuses to say where the prime minister is, or even if he is in the country."

"Scott Morrison taking a holiday is not remotely Watergate. But just five days on from his leave being made public, the prime minister, who prides himself on his marketing prowess and spin, was forced into the extraordinary position of releasing a statement expressing deep “regret” for “any offence caused to any of the many Australians affected by the terrible bushfires by my taking leave with family at this time”.

So how did a politician who rarely acknowledges a wrong step, even if faced with the debris, end up sort-of-almost apologising for taking a holiday to Hawaii with his family in a public statement?"  https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/dec/21/scott-morrison-hawaii-horror-show-pr-disaster-unfolded


It is a terrible state of affairs to me that when the whole country of Australia is anxious about the bushfires, praying and hoping for all who are suffering, that our Prime Minister takes a holiday in Hawaii.

Of course family and holidays are very important, but when one is Prime Minister, with his country in crisis, it should take precedence.  This is why we highly pay him.

His address on his return from Hawaii revealed a disconnect from the reality of the situation in my book.  It lacked any empathy whatsoever, in my book again.

5 minutes ago, BarbaraTherese said:

Of course family and holidays are very important, but when one is Prime Minister, with his country in crisis, it should take precedence.  This is why we highly pay him.

The above paragraph should read "with his country in crisis, the crisis should take precedence".

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Last night, watching The News on TV, two images seem to have been seared into my brain.  The first was a koala trying to pick its way through fire embers.  The second image was even more dreadful - a badly burnt all over its' little body, a koala screams as a rescuer lifts him up to rescue him.

Today in Australia is the Feast of The Holy Innocents and I especially recall our wildlife who have suffered and will suffer horrifically in the bushfires now burning on our east, west and southern coasts.  Destruction of habitat. Last night I prayed especially for all those affected by the fires, including farmers and all others - and especially our firies, police and volunteers now in a state of exhaustion as our government decides whether to pay volunteers or not to do so.  Some of our firies and volunteers were protecting homes knowing that their own homes were being destroyed by the the fires.

It all makes me feel totally helpless, ashamed to not be directly affected -  while in Hope I am not. 

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Major traffic jams as people try to escape dangerous fires.  In places there are shortages of water and food.  Some garages are experiencing people taking petrol but not paying.

Navy has been called in and some can only escape via water.

Forecasted 43 degrees celcius here in South Australia for tomorrow and major bushfires likely.  Dangerous bushfires in Tasmania.

Trucks loaded full with food requirements are not able to make it through to where they are required and may not be able to do so for another five days.

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Victoria.  Unprecedented State of Disaster declared with mass evacuations ahead of a predicted horror weekend.

2 dead, 24 missing.

Lord please hear our prayers


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