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"Let's Go Brandon!"


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I think it's amesome. It's poking a finger in the eye of the leftwing media and letting them know we know they they are not "objective" and are complicit with the agenda of the Democrats.

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Contempt for career criminals is good. 

Biden is trash. What I dislike is the the motivation against him is mostly partisan and not because the people chanting it hate war crimes and the drug war, abuse of immigrants, and the brutal foreign policy employed by subhumans like Biden.

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50 minutes ago, Didacus said:

I think its funny really...

You silly americans!


Sing along!

I can't imagine being upset over something that insults a politician. It's like insulting cancer.

Politicians are subhuman. It's okay to insult them. We were given dominion over the beasts. Once politicians are put back in their place beneath human beings, we can treat them kindly, like we do our pets. Until then, they are like rabid animals, and must be treated as such.

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