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The Official Count-down Thread


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[quote]yes, you can get some hand-me-downs, i got a sweater. I already had all the material for the postulant outfit otherwise I'd just get one of the now novices skirts and vests. You'll have to make 4 aprons, maybe 2 vests and skirts, the rest you'll have to get. Theres this big packet mother will send you after you've been accepted that has everything you need. Start looking for cotton half slips now! I just went ahead and sewed mine, its useless to try and find some. Sr. Maria Frassati said they're best so you can play at recreation better. Those sisters are competitive! Maybe by the time you come the motherhouse will be done![/quote]

Thanks, Sista2b. It's really nice to have little curiosities like that fulfilled. Congradulations on your single digits, by the way. :-)

And Congradulations to the rest of you too!

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Hey, I live right behind the convent. My family and I stop by all the time. The chapel their building at the plymout School which you will more than likely see is a mini cathedral litteraly. Much luck to you, the sisters are wonderful. Have you picked any names out yet! When I go over I just want to know how to spot you because everyone looks the same :lol: , except the postulants, they wear blue and they are so excited about you guys coming!!!!
Peace and Blessings

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I think I saw her Yesterday!! I was working with them in one of the schools they run to try and get it all fixed up before the school year starts. My sister is going to be their art teacher, but she's not in the order, but she's a cool nun!
In christ

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Well, they are trying to get the school done, and my younger sister is now teaching there, so I help them out all the time, but I will get back to you and let her know you said Hi!
In Christ

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[quote name='KnightoftheRosary' date='Aug 21 2004, 10:54 PM'] Andrea click here
[url="http://www.sistersofmary.org/sitefs.shtml"]http://www.sistersofmary.org/sitefs.shtml[/url] [/quote]
I've been there. Thanks, Knight!

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