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Piccoli Fiori JMJ

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Okay, let me see how many of you there are... I'll gather and randomly join a bit later...


Give me a little bit to figure things out...

It will be like the dating service... :D

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Sanvean - J.R.D

Andrea348 - voiciblanche

Adam S -ForHimAlone

daugher-of-Mary - hugheyforlife

Me - FutureNunJMJ

St Colette...You can have the next person that signs up...

Blessed be God...Please drop in at least once a week and let everyone know how it is going.

Totus Tuus,



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Allright, PedroX, we will keep you on a list, but you may pray for any of the pairings and PM them to let them know, and they can pray for you in return! ^_^

I hope all is well!

God Bless and Mary Protect!


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Can this be pinned???please?

Or I could make a better more organized topic...and that one could be pinned...

Let me know mod. (I am not even sure who the mod. is.)

Totus Tuus,


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PedroX - are you still looking for a prayer partner?

I've already entered seminary, does that disqualify me?

My possible ordination date is some years away, so i consider myself still in discernment (though perhaps in the final stages of it).

A pray-pal would be a blessing for me. Some aspects of seminary life are a real spiritual battle.

No hard feelings though, if y'all want to limit it to folks who have not entered an official formation program yet. Lemme know.

Pax Christi,

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