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Piccoli Fiori JMJ

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[quote name='FutureNunJMJ' date='Oct 11 2004, 06:50 PM']Would it be allright if I paired PedroX and geetarplayer together and then daveyb and PaxVobis as prayer-pals?[/quote]
S'okay by me.

PaxV: i will email U

(thanks, FutureNun and Fiat, for keeping track of the requests)


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[quote name='FutureNunJMJ' date='Oct 12 2004, 12:19 AM'] Okay the_rev and LiL Kat Said! Is it okay if you two are prayer pals? [/quote]
Sounds good to me. If it's good for u rev!

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^_^ You all are so awesome! Give your prayer pal a PM or an IM and keep in touch with them! See how discerning is going and what their specific needs are! Most importantly, pray for them! ^_^
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Wow... this is soo awesome-- ...can I get one please? I'm still very unsure of what God wants me to do- and I'd also like to help others in any way possible...

PM, emails, and Yahoo! Instant Messenger are all I've got. ^_^

Love Always In Him,

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