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I will let you know asap!!!!! we could have a phatmass party!!!!!LOL, i bet that title took you hours, i know it would have taken me that long to think of smoething creative like that!!!! i admire your creativity!!!!! LOL

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LOL thats true!!!!! i jsut emailed her and i gave my numbers that way she could call me. If i canc ome and she goes, what would we wear??? we can be twinkies!!!!! yeah!!!! :elmo:

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buy new cloths that are the exact same and wear them at the same time, not the food!!!!!! oh go to www.xanga.com/jpthe2nd

I'm gunna post about this blog in a sec. this seminarian died in a car crash in chicago his blog is heart felt ans sad with the comments but it makes em smile to read his writtings!!!!!!!!

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I know. Its so sad but yet I really wished i could have tlaked to him!!!! He seemed likea great person but at least god has his Angel!!!! I wonder if he will finnish seminary school in heaven???

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