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[quote name='zabbazooey' date='Sep 20 2005, 11:58 PM']:lol_above:

I am glad she's okay!

What kind of dream did you have?

LOL, I'm not really sure of the dream itself!!!!! All i can remeber is seeing the Carmelites and that it, I could hear them tlakign and thats it.

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[quote name='zabbazooey' date='Sep 22 2005, 07:04 AM']lol i dunno i guess i was expecting this meaningful dream lol

LOL!!!!! you expect too much!!!! just kidding!!!! I'm gunan tlak to my about it today before they for out of town!!!! i willget back to you tonight after I get off work!!!!

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okay i just tlaked to mom, right now she is saying we'll see but I told her that you want me to come and that you are flyig in but I am driving. I told her abit about you and how I emt you and so forth, you know mom,s they want to know everything!!!!!!!!! Is there a cut off date for the retreat??? let me know asap!!!!!1

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okay, my parents are back andI will talk to mom about it tomorrow. But really do hope i can come. When are you arriving at the Sr. louis Airport??? When are you leaving from the ariport??? just curious!!!

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Sorry I have been really busy

If you want to know the cut off dates (if there is one) e-mail the Sisters.


I'm getting into St. Louis at 4:45pm

and I'm leaving St. Louis at 3:50pm

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hey, yes i know what it is like to be busy, i am at work all the time and it seems that i never leave!!!!! anways, i ahwev truied emailing the sisters but no reply back, never!!!!! but if i can come, i will ask the sisters if i can come a an hour or so early because of the fac tthat i live about 5 hrs away maybe more. And too, that way we have time tog et to know each other!!!!! = ) i really hope i can come!!!!!!!!!!!

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call them. their # is on their website


ooh you can drive there? that's awesome.

i could hypothetically drive but i'm too young.

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