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The Broke Daughters of St. Dominic

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I thought it was time to bump this thread up. I don't know if St. Dominic would claim me but I certainly am broke. It was nearly ten years ago that I decided not to enter an order of Anglican sist

AMEN!!! :saint: I'm back just for tonight! But I have some good news that I want to share...I spoke with Fr. Rock at St. Dominic's in Youngstown this past week (borrowing a friend's car to get there!) & he has given me the go ahead to request an application for Buffalo! So...on to the next step! :bounce: DonnaMarie, any guesses as to what date you will enter? You are so close!

Belinda...keep moving forward! You will get there! Yes, FutureIHMNJ, we'll be praying for you this weekend! Let us know!

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[quote name='passionheart' post='1105708' date='Oct 30 2006, 09:04 PM']
Not too much. I am racing towards the finish line. In a week, I will need about 1900 to go. So all I can do is Praise God and keep on praying.

Never thought that being part of Mendicant order meant I would actually have to do some REAL begging! :D:

Donna Marie,

I am going to send you a PM.


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:bump: :D: I'm on again...oh so briefly! I am just in a time of waiting now...praying & waiting on the Lord...& doing whatever I can to continue improving my health...still carless...but there are worse things! :rolleyes: I feel very much out of the loop on here...but know that my prayers are with y'all still...May God's will be done in all of us! :sign:
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Hi everyone!!

Please know that you all are remembered in my daily prayers!!!

Just a little on whats going on with me...I have been working on a budget well actually my Big brother Mkolbe has been working on it for me and I am not as stress as I was. I just got it today and it looks like it will be done. I have a meeting with the vocation directress on the 30th to see if I can take the next step and apply for entrance for the fall. So please say a little extra prayer for me on that day!!!

I recently put in my 2 weeks at my current job and God is soooo Good I started working at Camilla Hall Nursing home which is the convent for the IHMs sisters on the weekends and I am waiting to hear back from a awesome catholic family with the possibility of nannying for them and as well living there.

I would love to know how everyone is doing as well!!

Your Sister in Christ,


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Blessing to all on the Feast of Christ our King!!!!!

Well my friends it looks like my race is done. I was going wait till next week to post this annoucement but then I realize most of you don't live in my city. So no worries.

It seems that God has been calling a lot of people these past few days. Lately, I have been receiving a lot of offers of help with my debts. I am moved by people's love and generosity for me. So I called Sr. Rose of St. Mary and my entrance date is January 16, 2007.

Work has been a bit of a problem. They don't want me to leave and unfortunately, they have been giving me some grief about my vocation. Because of the pressure from work, I agreed to give them a month's notice. So I will resign on Dec. 5. (that is why I was going to wait but then I realized nobody here is going tell my supervisor :D: ) My last day will be Jan 6. I will take a week off to rest and then be off to the monastery providing we don't hit a snowstorm ;)

So now we will have one less Broke Daughter online but in the monastery. According to the "constitutions" of our group, I will be responsible for praying for the rest of our little group into the convent or wherever our Father desires for each of us. I believe in my heart that everyone will be taken care of but as I had to learn we have to wait on God's timing.

As for me, I think the Lord emptied me of enough nonsense so I won't disturb the good sisters too much :saint: Nonetheless, I know my beloved Master Craftsman has more sanding to do on His "little piece of wood"!

Thanks everyone for your gift of prayers and support so I guess there is one thing left to do:

Cue the dancing tacos, so very tasty and good for you,!!!

:taco: :taco: :taco:

Love those dancing tacos, so very tasty and good for you, :P:

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I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I'm THRILLED to hear that there will be one less Broke Daughter online! And to know that you'll be praying for us... :clap: :clap: :clap:

Prayers for you, your community-to-be, your coworkers, and your family and friends!!!

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