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Beautiful Spanish Crucifixes


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[quote name='sistersintigo' timestamp='1286491073' post='2178420']
You would think that the Passionist order would do this, but I don't find anything....

Thank you for looking... I found a graphic passion crucifix on line. It is rather large and a bit pricey, but my Prioess aprroved my being able to have it in the chapel of my Hermitage. If you type in Passion Crucifix and google it, it will come up as the second or third entry at Real Catholics. As i said it is very Graphic... but since when was our Lord's passion neat and tidy?

I think it will be a big help in my rayers to Dvine Mercy in interceeding for others and offering my self totally to him. OHM St, teresa always told her nuns never to foret the Sacred humanity of Christ and she herself always carried with her a very graphic statue of ecce homo. [url="http://realcatholic.com/ProductImages/passion/passioncrucifix.jpg"]http://realcatholic....ioncrucifix.jpg[/url]

Thank again

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