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[img]http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d42/burning_string/makrinabefore.jpg[/img] Recently tonsured Nun Macrina, before and after Above is waiting with the Abbess outside the church before the ser



[quote name='DiscerningCatholic' timestamp='1350688149' post='2495132']

I SEE SR. EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart:

And the Sisters of Life can juggle...YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID.
I had to throw this in...


Cardinal Dolan is Batman... your argument is invalid.

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[quote name='i<3franciscans' timestamp='1348257836' post='2485130']

You are Sr. J look like you could related! :) Which sister is juggling? Is is Sr. Annie?

Sr. Joanie! (her real name is Sr. Gemma, but her name used to be Joanie :) )

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[quote name='DiscerningCatholic' timestamp='1350691138' post='2495145']

Just one more reason to love "my" sisters. rotfl

No, that's not me in the middle.

10,000 props to this picture.

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[quote name='NonNovi' timestamp='1351029011' post='2496500']
There was a meeting for the cantors of different abbeys and monasteries in the Dutch speaking area (the Netherlands and Flanders). I assume these 3 sisters are responsible for the singing in Eindhoven and were exceptionally allowed to go.

Got it-thank you. I should have read your original post more carefully, because you stated it in there!

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