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The Wedding Dress Orders (For Us Romantics)

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So before I take over the Hair thread I thought it would be better if we made our on thread. I absoloutely love the wedding dress used for investiture ceremonies.

Orders I know of:

[url="http://icrsp.org/IMAGES-APOSTOLATS/IMAGES-2010/Gricigliano/Prise-Habit/Prise-Habit.htm"]Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus[/url]

[url="http://benedictinesofmary.org/content/formation"]Benedictines Of Mary, Queen of the Apostles[/url]



More to come, I just am pulling a blank at the orders! haha

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[quote name='Sr. Mary Catharine' timestamp='1318966402' post='2323299'] But oh, how I missed not having a crown of flowers at profession! :-( [/quote] Sometimes someone will post on Phatmass



Carmelites, most likely an active order.

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[quote name='brandelynmarie' timestamp='1318952749' post='2323203']
Poor Clares


Poor Clare Colettines?

[url="http://www.poorclarecolettines-cleveland.org/index.htm"]Poor Clare Colettines, Cleveland Ohio[/url]

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In a 2006(?) video, the Dominican nuns of Lockport, LA showed the clothing of a novice who entered the chapel wearing a wedding dress.

I've never heard of another Dominican Community where the postulant wore a wedding dress. But then, I am FAR from an expert on Dominican Communities.

Also, the Lockport Dominicans seem to have fallen off the radar. Their last post in their blog was in October 2010. There was an active poster in VS, "Saint Therese" who joined the Lockport Dominicans in May(?) 2010, but it appears that none of us have kept in contact with her. I think about her sometimes and pray that all is well, and that she became a novice last spring.

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[quote name='MarysLittleFlower' timestamp='1318960559' post='2323250']
this is beautiful :)

do they receive wedding rings too?

It's been a long time since I saw the video, so I don't remember. But, the video should still be on YouTube.

I (think) I've seen some Dominican communities that do not wear rings. Am I imagining this?

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[quote name='IgnatiusofLoyola' timestamp='1318962213' post='2323267']

I (think) I've seen some Dominican communities that do not wear rings. Am I imagining this?

You're correct- I know the NDs/DSMME don't wear wedding rings. The story I heard was that in some war time (possibly the Civil War), the Sisters melted down their wedding rings to sell the gold and help the poor. They continued this tradition, and the DSMME carried on this tradition when they started their new community from the NDs.

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The Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary in Waukesha, WI (before receiving the habit):


the171 posted some pictures of the Lafayette Carmel's investiture, and the novices wear wedding dresses before receiving the habit.

The Carmelites of Mary (O.Carm.) in Wahpeton, ND (before receiving the habit):


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