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Entering The Convent, The Orthodox Way

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I was thinking about how to start this topic, and kept running into things that would need to be explained to a (mostly) Roman Catholic audience. And I thought that there was no way to cover all the d

Reason #193 why Mother is the best Abbess EVER: [i]Dear Marigold,[/i] [i]I feel as if there is a ghost in chapel these days -- I go in and it seems someone should be there only I don't see them

I can't find the words to thank you all individually, so THANK YOU and know that I'm praying for all of us here. Feeling a bit more human today. I slept for about 13hrs, woke up to an unexpected le

Thanks all. It's 2.30 on Holy Saturday morning here and I just completed my visa application after a tearful phone conversation with my mother. We phoned after she got my hyper email about the petition approval (see above... :blush:) This might sound a bit cold but the whole night has just gone by in a blur; it feels like it's happening at a distance. I can't believe I just did the entire application in one sitting, after stressing about it for so long. And the conversation with my mum was really difficult. She was crying, I cried a bit, and it was like the floodgates opened on how she feels about the whole business. Not the dismissive 'snarky' attitude we've been hearing for the last 2 years, just very anxious and helpless and feeling like she's losing her baby girl. Suddenly I feel incredibly selfish. I've focused so much energy on just keeping myself going, and keeping my defences up - because of misunderstanding/derision from family and friends - and I guess it has come across as not caring about what they're going through. :( I don't know what to do, everything is telling me that this will lessen as time goes on, and mothers come around to all sorts of situations (I've been comforted by posts from people like NunMother who had pretty bad reactions in the beginning but are ok now), but also, it's just horrible to be inflicting this much hurt on my own ma. I'm going to phone my dad and sister in the morning to check up with them about the email and see that they're ok. I should probably try and get to bed now... please keep those prayers coming :heart:

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Oh, dear Marigold,

If you didn't care, you wouldn't care.

She ultimately wants what is best for you.... but it's hard to feel she is 'losing' you, too.

I've thought a lot about this - when I went in, I just did it and was strong, and I don't think I thought enough about how hard it was for the ones I was leaving behind. That didn't meant I wouldn't have done it then or again if God asked it of me.... but just that I wasn't as empathetic as I might have been. If she was able to let you know how hard this is without the dismissive snarkiness, she actually is feeling comfortable enough to take the risk.

Right to get some sleep, and right to let all of you feel what you feel... and then you all need to do what you need to do.

Feel free to come to us if you want some hand-holding or a shoulder from time to time.

Prayers for all of you...

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That is certainly exciting news about your visa! I pray that it may go through super quickly!

My mother too is having a VERY hard time with accepting my vocation (or even accepting the Church in general) so I understand where you are coming from. I would say that it is a good sign that she is being open about her feelings now, she has started to accept your decision. I also suggest not dwelling on what you "should" have done in regards to your family and friends. That will get you no where, trust me I have spent hours thinking about what I should have done and I have gained nothing from that. Pray for your mom and be happy, it sounds like she is starting on the road to acceptance as painful as that road might be.

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[quote name='marigold' timestamp='1334355681' post='2417367']
HB & AnneLine, thank you so much. Your prayers along with the grace of the holy days must be extra efficacious, because we JUST got home, exhausted, from the Holy Friday service and I decided to check my email before hitting the sack - only to find an email from Mother Abbess saying the petition has been approved! I screamed and dropped my teacup when I saw the message :blush: So I am filling out my bit right now, and excitedly remembering what my friend who works at the embassy said about visas going through really quickly at the moment ... there's no way I'm sleeping any time soon! I am so excited!


Oh my goodness that is woooooonderful news Marigold!!!! I am so absolutely happy for you. All of these prayers getting answered for our VSers, something wonderful is brewing here and it's wonderful to see.

Your family are in my prayers, especially your mother. The Lord will take care of her.

I pray you get to be home soon.


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Marigold - how wonderful, praise him and prayerful thanksgiving!

[quote][color=#282828] it sounds like she is starting on the road to acceptance as painful as that road might be. [/color][/quote]

I agree with the above, and I am sure there will be other sharings, some hard and some , I am certain, joyful. It would seem that now it is all real in a way it wasn't for her until now, she can finally share her real feelings. It could well be that no matter if you [i]had[/i] done things differently, that it would have taken for it to get to this point before she could be real with you.............


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Wonderful news and I'm so pleased for you. As for your mum, it's a fact that love hurts and we do feel pain when our children leave us. One of my own children is on the other side of the world and I haven't seen him for more than 2 years. Even now I remember the last time I saw him, waiting for the train that was the first leg of his journey away and it still makes be feel very sad. But I'm happy for him too because it's what he always wanted to do and I'm proud of his courage and independence. Your mum will be very sad and anxious now, but she'll be happier when she sees that you really are doing what's right for you. Time and love are great healers. Just go on gently with peace and love and commit your family to God's care. He's brought you this far and he won't let you down. Loads of prayers for you at this special but still difficult time.

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Thank you :sad:

I just got off the phone with the interview booking service. After 90 minutes, 3 phone calls, a phone call to the bank to unblock my card on the $190 fee they thought was fraudulent, and £55 in phone credit (!), I have an appointment for 30th April. Two weeks away. I'm very grateful for this timing as - since visas are granted around a week after interview - it means I'll still be here when mother returns from Sweden at the start of May. There is no mercy that our Lord won't grant.

Feeling a bit punchdrunk. I still have to sort out and rehearse the music for tonight, bake my Pascha cake, buy photo paper for my back-up application photos (they came out blurry on the online application - may not be a problem but I'm not taking any chances) and probably eat something and wash my hair too at some point...

:sailing: Many thanks for continued prayers.

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[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=4][size=5][i]Now the kingdom of heaven may be compared to ten virgins,[/i][/size][/size][/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=4][size=5][i]who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom...[/i][/size][/size][/font]
[color="#4d4d4d"][font="ArialMT, Arial, sans-serif"][size="3"][size=3][i][url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6EurgsdeF8&feature=related"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6EurgsdeF8&feature=related[/url][/i][/size][/size][/font][/color]

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