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The Countdown To The Retreat

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OK let's see. . . Tell Brittani and Brigette God revealed to you their plan to try and have a secret slumber party in Sr. Angela Marie's cell with movies and popcorn and He sent you to bust them! Tha



[quote name='AnneLine' timestamp='1328246508' post='2380079']
Hope you are feeling better, Mon. Praying for you.

Now THIS is what you need for that retreat - ruby slipper SOCKS!!!!!



I want some too. I have a pair of red sparkly high heels but they're not very comfortable

Hope you're feeling better, Mon.

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ohmigosh! Someone else who can make authentic sounding chicken noises! :woot: On days that were more recreational, some Sisters used to ask me to do this when I was in the convent because they thought it was hilarious!! It's a hidden talent I don't express much, but I'm excited to know there's others who can do this too! LOL

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Lil Mon (and all who are going to the retreat) - I don't know if you will be gone before I get back to Oz (I leave for the airport in an hour) but I am praying for you all to have a fabulous time! :) Don't forget to pray for all of us too! :pray: :)

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