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Dta's Countdown Thread

Deus te Amat

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[quote name='MissScripture' timestamp='1344745251' post='2466382']
You know your Angel already?
Yes! Sending you a message.

[quote name='Lisa' timestamp='1344777652' post='2466461']
I'm praying for you today at Mass. May you have safe travels, a peaceful heart, and wonderful moments with family these last few days. There's going to be hard moments as we both strive to live our vocations, but know that you have the prayers of a lot of people!

Take care, my Dominican sister-in-Christ!!!!!!

Thank you! I leave Wednesday, and will be traveling alone. I appreciate the prayers. Know that I, and my sisters, will be praying for you. We may not be in the same community, but we will still be sisters. :)

God bless you!

[quote name='maximillion' timestamp='1344781304' post='2466475']
You have a card from you Angel......I love that!

Praying for you and your family (and phamily) over the next few days as I am sure there will be many memories made and some precious moments!

Thank you! I've already said most of my goodbyes, but those left will be the hardest. My parents are having a hard time of it, so the prayers are very much appreciated.

[quote name='she_who_is_not' timestamp='1344782360' post='2466478']

I've been praying for you during my Assumption novena, and will continue to pray for you and your postulant class.

Thank you!

[quote name='EmilyAnn' timestamp='1344783078' post='2466481']
I can't believe you're entering so soon!

Me neither! Three days!

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Uhh I would addressed it to "Sr. DTA, O.P." This will be part of the letter that I will write to her. Well maybe not like this but a lil more serious.

"Dear Sr. DTA:

How's it going? I hope you are doing fine. The weather here is weird. How about there? This is not what I would really write in a letter but this is the best that I can do when I am drugged up with Mountain Dew. Please pray that I will come to my senses and regain my intelliegence that most of it has left me due to the fact that I am tired and high with Mtn dew. I know you have put up with my lil kid-ness too long...I am growing up like you wanted me to be. I am not that lil 10 year old anymore. I am a big girl now. I am reaching 22....well I am half there.

How are the nuns? Have they been treating you well? Do you want me to beat up someone? I hope you didn't forget your toothbrush because if you did....ummm I can't think of a joke that would go with that. I hope you will remember my lame jokes and dont remember my ugly tantrums. Even though we never met in real life I will always miss you. Also watchout for some of the nuns...I am sure they can be dang good boxers.....that is why I got a nosebleed on a retreat. Even though it wasn't the same nuns but they were Dominicans.

I am sure you will look dang good in the Dominican Swag......

God bless and take care!


Lil' Mon"


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[quote name='Lil Red' timestamp='1344871653' post='2466894']
I want to cry. I will miss you!
I was thinking how much I would miss her, and then realized that this way I will actually get to meet her! Lol

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Any parent who is reluctant to have his or her daughter enter the convent should visit St. Cecelia's. "Oh, you'll get about 15 new daughters each August." MS and DtA will be like sisters!!!

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[quote name='she_who_is_not' timestamp='1344872962' post='2466911']
Any parent who is reluctant to have his or her daughter enter the convent should visit St. Cecelia's. "Oh, you'll get about 15 new daughters each August." MS and DtA will be like sisters!!!
My parents have already met and "adopted" her. Lol. In fact, I think she is possibly the favorite, or at least 2nd to my sister.

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