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Dta's Countdown Thread

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fides quarens intellectum

[quote name='Deus_te_Amat' timestamp='1343430450' post='2459476']
19 days. :bounce:

Let the panic begin. :P

oh, my goodness - that's just a FEW days!!! AGGGHHHH!!! so happy and excited for you! :)

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100 days!

[quote name='Maximilianus' timestamp='1336022671' post='2426438'] [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v446/echo4lima/math-ninja-Dom-sis.gif[/img] [/quote]

[quote name='Lil'Monster' timestamp='1336443021' post='2428409'] Why do amazing people have to leave me??? [/quote] You could always go with them...

[url="http://www.blogforbettersewing.com/2009/07/make-vintage-inspired-half-slip-no.html"]Here[/url] is a set of instructions with pictures.

[url="http://www.candleonthehill.net/halfslip.pdf"]Here[/url] is another set of instructions with some pictures.

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Two weeks.

I won't name names but someone amazing here offered to make my slips. Would you all be so kind as to say a prayer for this person as a thank you for their generosity?


So... I think I pretty much have everything now. Everything but shoe polish, but who needs shoe polish anyway?

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