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Women In Habits 2

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The deer photo (for us animal lovers) was really difficult and upsetting to see. We have an overpopulation of them here in Wisconsin as well and I cringe/cry when i see their bodies after they've been hit on the Interstate.  Perhaps we could refrain from posting photos like that one in deference to those of us who are tenderhearted toward animals of any kind.

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Here are Poor Clares in Habits!      

I took this picture when I was in Assisi recently. It's one of my favorites. :)   Apparently, the Franciscans couldn't resist window-shopping at the leather-sandals store. :topsy:

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Daughters of Saint Paul :heart:



SOL [attachment=3173:882298_546823382014830_71810761_o.jpg]


And of course MSSR :hehe:


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I wonder how it is living in a holy land.


Entirely too many Christians, Muslims, Jews, and various other assorted faiths  :saint2:  in the place.  Three Christmases, three Easters, for example.  It seems as if someone is always celebrating a religious holiday -- Ramadan is coming up, then the Jewish High Holy Days, then Advent...all we seem to miss is Dewali!


Come and see!

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