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Second Retreat (dc's Updates)


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DC--I think the idea of you talking to the ND's is great! You may decide to visit and you might not.


But, in any case, it can't hurt to learn what other Communities are like, especially the ND's. Getting to know the ND's a bit should help you understand the DSMME's better. After all, the DSMME founders were originally part of the ND's, so at minimum, you will better understand the origins of the DSMME's, as well as how and why the Communities are different.


Although the ND's are different than the DSMME's, they are still Dominican. If you decide to visit, if nothing else, you will learn even more about Dominican spiritituality, which can only help.


Especially if you go to one of the ND retreat weekends, you would be making no commitment, but simply exploring. Also, I'm pretty sure there are VS posters who have discerned with the ND's, and if I am not mistaken (which I might be--I'm not positive about this), I think we have at least one VS poster who was a postulant with the ND's who might be willing to talk with you privately if you have questions.


Personally, I also think it wouldn't hurt to go on other discernment weekends, or go on a "nun run" if you have the opportunity. For example, I suspect it would be interesting to visit a Dominican Community that did not have a teaching mission. Or, if feel quite sure that that you are called to teaching, go on a weekend retreat with a teaching Community that is not Dominican, but one that you still find interesting and dynamic.


Obviously, if you visited other Communities, you would still stay in touch with the DSMME's and even talk to them about this. The DSMME vocation director might even be a good source of suggestions of other Communities that she knows and likes.


Of course, visiting other Communities takes time and incurs travel costs, so I don't know whether visiting or attending retreats at other Communities is even a possible option for you. To me, the worst that could happen is that you would spend a few weekends with Jesus, strengthening your spiritual life. But, ideally, visiting a few other Communities, with the ND's being an obvious choice, since they are also a Dominican teaching order, will help you understand the DSMME's much better, and help you know why you feel called to that Community specifically.


Good luck!!

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Visiting other communities is a great idea. It can help you learn if you are called to that specific community or just to religious life in general. It gives you something to compare the community you are considering with. 

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Hey hey now! Just because Nashville's in the South doesn't make it a huge, girly tea party. I object very strongly to that foul insinuation. :P


Also, I second that visiting other communities is very helpful. I only knew where I wanted to go when I visited somewhere else and the only fault I could find with it was that it wasn't the other place. Also, it's very important to distinguish the difference between the teaching apostolate and the charism of why they teach. Even Franciscans teach -- it's not exclusively a Dominican thing! Furthermore, the Nashies have a really beautiful, prayerful 5 day retreat that is generally limited to a smaller number of girls than come on the DSMME ones, so it's a very nice, prayerful environment in which to discern.  :proud:


Plus if you go in May all the postulants are super happy because they're getting ready for their home visits!

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