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Second Retreat (dc's Updates)


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Change of plans. I am postponing for a year.


Do you feel comfortable telling us why you are postponing for a year? Actually, it sounds like it may not be a bad idea, since you are still in HS (right?) and sometimes it can be better to wait until you are a little older before entering. You will be shocked at how much you are going to grow and mature in the next year!


Still, I am surprised, since I know that entering has been something you've been wanting A LOT for awhile.


Either way, you know you have our prayers and support.

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Hi, all! I know I haven't been on PM in...well, FOREVER. I haven't fallen off the face of the planet, I promise. I'm also not in the convent.    I am, however, preparing for my second DSMME retreat

So this is the post where I tell you that I got application papers and am a candidate.   I got application papers and am a candidate.     (P.S. I didn't eat any of the cookies... :| I'm awkward

Working on applying to Benedictine! :) There are a few things that might get in my way, but my dad was so impressed with their theology department that despite the fact that it's out of state and a pr

I do still plan to enter (God willing, in 2015) and hopefully, this year will strengthen my vocation and make the "odds" of my staying higher. :)


That makes sense to me. And, you know that we will be here to help out during times when the waiting gets difficult.


Speaking only for myself, I have never been a fan of the view that says, "If you don't act on your vocation quickly, you might lose it, and you'll be unhappy for the rest of your life." Yes, I think could be possible to put off acting on God's call for less than mature reasons, but after hearing the stories of lots of women here on Phatmass, I think God is very persistent if he really wants you in the religious life. Many women have told stories of how they resisted the idea of a religious vocation at first, but God kept speaking to them, sometimes over the course of years.


You, on the other hand, don't sound at all as if you are resisting the idea of entering (quite the opposite). I think an extra year of life experience, either working or education (or both)--whatever is right for you--will only increase your maturity. I would be VERY surprised if your vocation gets weaker by waiting--I expect it will grow stronger.


I know how much you've wanted to enter, so I know this decision can't have been an easy one. I'm really proud of you!!


Plus, you know your Sisters will be waiting for you with open arms when the time is right for you to join them!!

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As someone who got papers before a lot of the members of the postulant class that entered this August, I can say that there was definitely a reason for this year. The beautiful thing is that I was able to go into it saying "There's a reason I'm here and not there yet," and then just let God show me why he still needed me at my University, with my family, in the world. The result has been amazing.


Just stay busy, throw yourself into something meaningful, and enjoy this last opportunity to light a fire as a layperson. The world needs more people in it with Dominican hearts, and there's some situations you can get into and make a difference in as a layperson that you can't as much once you're a visible eschatalogical sign. :P

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Sounds like you are very much at peace with your decision, which is wonderful and a gift of God.


I think the year of college and/or working is a wonderful idea.


Do what you can to keep any debt down, because you or your family will have to pay it down... but you already knew that!


Praying for you DC, and glad you will be among us for the next year!

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Change of plans. I am postponing for a year.


That's a wise decision.  Not only will it increase the excitement but college gives you SO much that you are able to take with you into religious life.  Even though I am no longer discerning religious life, I cannot put a price tag on my college education.  I love learning!  Obviously, Dominicans do too!  ;)

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I do still plan to enter (God willing, in 2015) and hopefully, this year will strengthen my vocation and make the "odds" of my staying higher. :)


It is really admirable that someone who has a strong desire for entrance is willing to wait another year, and for very good reasons! Praying for your intentions. :)

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At the suggestion of a friend, there's something I have to add to this.


I am waiting because the sisters asked me to wait a year. I see this as a good way to practice obedience (that's my name for 2014: Operation Extreme Obedience), but this is by far the hardest thing I have ever been asked to do. I do see this as a gift from God and honestly, a bit of a "Good job; keep going" from God, since, as this IS the hardest thing I've ever had to do, it means that A.) I've come so far from where I was 2 years ago and B.) God clearly knows that I am capable of doing this. And, since many of the saints went through struggles like this, it's kind of an honor, if you get what I mean. :) That knowledge, however, doesn't make this any easier, so please do keep me in your prayers! 


Thanks, y'all. :blowkiss:


DC--I'm so proud of you for talking about this! I have seen your spiritual growth in just the past week!


I hope you know that all of us realize how difficult this is for you and that we will be praying for you.


I wouldn't say this if I didn't mean it (instead I'd just say nothing), but I honestly think you will enjoy your time in college, and that after the year is over, you will be very glad you had this extra year "in the world" being more independent. You are going to learn so much about living with other people. And, your classes will broaden your understanding of the world. The extra time will also mean you'll have even more time to learn (and live) Dominican spirituality before you enter.


Since your intended order is primarily a teaching order, maybe you'll also be able to find some chances to teach.


Everything you experience in college is going to work to make you a better Sister.


All of this is easy for me to say, but remember, you won't be doing all this alone. You have our prayers and support any time you need it. And, since your Sisters asked you to do this very difficult thing, I know you will have their prayers, too.


You have wanted to enter SO much, and now you've been asked to do probably the hardest thing the Community could ask. Yes, it will be a lesson in obedience, but I sincerely think you're actually going to enjoy and appreciate your year (although college is often tough for the first couple of months). Still, that doesn't make it any easier right now, so I'm going to leave you with a big hug and a famous Bible verse, Isaiah 40:31:


But those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength,
    They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
    They shall walk and not faint.


Hang in there!



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Hehe I like 2014: Operation Extreme Obedience! 


Waiting can be difficult but I assure you if you find ways to stay busy a year will fly right by. I think it was St Therese who used the time she had to wait as a time to build her spiritual dowry. 

A good buddy for you this year might be Edith Stein (Sr Theresa Benedicta of the Cross). She was told to wait 11 years before she was allowed to enter by her bishop and SD! They realized the work she was doing teaching and working in philosophy was extremely valuable and that she needed to continue doing that for a while. 

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