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Thoughts from a Franciscan Sister


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One afternoon recently, I finished my cleaning duties at our convent and took the dust mop I'd been using outside.

"Outside," you may ask, "why do that?"  The reason is that I was putting into practice a lesson I learned some years back when I was a postulant in Hankinson, North Dakota.

Although I grew up in Minnesota, surrounded by snow four months out of the year, I had never learned one of the important uses of this white, powdery substance: it serves as an excellent mop cleaner.

Early in my formation in Hankinson, this little trick of cleaning a dust mop in the snow was revealed to me.  (One simply beats the mop out in the snow and shakes the snow out.)

Ever since that time, I have utilized nature's best mop cleaner when finishing my dust mopping in the winter month's.

When spring finally comes and there is no more snow to be found, I've been known to lament that "I've lost my mop cleaner, now."

Oh well, that will be a sacrifice I'll readily make to enjoy some spring weather when it finally comes here to the upper Midwest.

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Yes, Mother!

by Our Franciscan Fiat

Recently, I was helping one of our residents who is needing some extra care lately after a bout with the flu.  Helping her dress and looking over her needs, she commented to me that I reminded her of a mother.

At St. Anne's, we love to tease with each other.  Humor is the spice of life, they say.  Somehow, this lady's comment  led to her jokingly  using the phrase: "Yes, mother" in a sassy voice.  It has become a joke between us, and I have come to call her "daughter."

This use of the word 'mother' could not fail to remind me of my studies when I was first entering religious life...

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Let's take this opportunity to congratulate our Sisters and the staff at St. Gerard's who worked so hard on the Giving Hearts Day project again this year!  

It paid off!  St. Gerard's got second place for their video and also raised well over $84,000 to support their work of "serving all in Jesus' name."

St. Gerard's Community of Care, in Hankinson, ND, offers multiple services to young and old: skilled care nursing, an independent living Unit, child care, and kinder kollege.

Congratulations, Sisters and Staff of St. Gerard's; may God bless you in your ministry!

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