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Thoughts from a Franciscan Sister


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This morning at Bible Study (which I hold each Tuesday for our residents), I again found myself to be the recipient of a lesson along with the others who gathered.  

Our discussion, based on the readings from last Sunday, served to reminder and inspiration for my own spiritual journey.

In reflecting on the psalms we read (117-18), one resident simply yet poignantly pointed out that it was all about thanksgiving.  We expounded on this and pointed out our dependence upon God for everything.  

I chose to follow up on this point of thanksgiving  (Read more...)


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I've been asked to visit the religious ed. classrooms and share about my "vocation story" and our life as sisters. I'm not terribly experienced doing this and your prayers and/or suggestions would be welcomed.

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img_0896A silly little story - don't know if I'll even post it on our blog.  I thought it was kind of humorous, though.

This morning, I came into chapel before Mass,

grabbed the bell I use from its place in the back cabinet, and took a seat in one of the pews.  

Rather than put it on the ledge of the pew in front of me, as I usually do, for some reason today, I set it on the pew cushion itself.  

A little while later, I had to get up to take care of some last minute detail in the sacristy.  
I came back to the body of the chapel and took a seat.  Mass was starting, but where was my bell?  I must have left it in my original seat, but which was that?  

Since I left, the seats had filled in a bit.  I scanned the pews, to no avail.  I could not find the bell.  We have other bells, but they are way up in the bottom cabinet in the sacristy.  I was not about to make a scene and go up to get another.  

I just let it go...I figured there would be no bell-ringing today during the Eucharistic prayer to serve as a wake up call and sign of reverence.  Oh, well...what could I do?

I was also the reader at this Mass, since this is "my week for liturgy," as we say.  (We take turns leading Office, picking hymns and reading for Mass.)  When I returned from leading the petitions, I ended up in yet another pew.  What a ding-a-ling I was!

I had, by this time, given up on the possibility of having a bell at this Mass.  I took part in the preface dialog and sang along with the "Holy, Holy."  When it came time for the Consecration, boy was I in for a surprise!

A bell was rung by the gentleman sitting in front of me.  THERE was my bell!

That must have been my original seat.  I was humored, but thankful that he he had taken the initiative to enhance our celebration of Mass by ringing it, since this ding-a-ling (me) had lost it.  

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