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Thoughts from a Franciscan Sister


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Still don't have any props. 


We are also exhorted to: “keep the example of the Blessed Virgin Mary…ever before [our] eyes.”  I wonder what kind of experiences she might have had baking!

I smiled when I read the above.  I wonder if Mary in Nazareth had the same experience as me - sometimes success, sometimes failure.  I tend to think that she did since a flop in the baking endeavour is not sinful but rather quite human except of course for a Gordon Ramsay type of skill - but then perhaps Our Lady was thus skilled.......

.......although I know that I am totally alone in my most Aussie of terminology when I do have a complete flop.

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Not being the first one to wonder what would the Holy Family's diet have been like I googled it.  For fruit they had pomegranates, grapes, figs, and dates.  No rhubarb though!

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We're getting ready to celebrate the feast of our patroness, St. Anne.

This evening, I was working on our July newsletter (which I try to publish at the end of the preceding month).  We have a week of dress up theme days, which are lots of fun, including sports day, miss-match day, etc.

We also usually have a little dance for our residents.  We have the special memorial Mass as well. 

If anyone else has any fun ideas, please do share them.  Thanks.

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Something’s Brewing!

Holidays can be a different sort of time here, around St. Anne’s. There is often a certain quietness, with less phone calls, less staff on duty, less activities, no mail and no financial transactions from residents’ accounts. (We try to still make things special for our residents; for example, I led a patriotic sing-along this afternoon and served homemade cookies.)

The quietness and serenity all seemed to end, however, late this Fourth of July afternoon. It wasn’t without reason that our aide and I remarked to one another that there must be a full moon or ‘something in the atmosphere.’

For starters, one of our ladies, a bit confused, thought she needed to get home to take care of her kids. We had to bring her back in TWO times within the hour.

Next, one of our gentlemen was getting impatient. The dining room staff were not calling them in for supper as promptly as he had hoped. He even suggested tapping on the dining room window to hurry them along.

To top it all off, there were issues with our Adoration Chapel. Working at our front desk, I was informed by a gentleman that no one had come for the next hour. (We often have trouble with this happening on holidays. Earlier today, in fact, I had needed to recruit one of our residents to fill an hour.)

To make a long story short, with the possible trouble with absences on holidays and an impending storm, we simply decided to discontinue exposition/adoration for the remainder of the evening and night.

After getting off the phone with a few people, having done my part in contacting adorers about cancellations, I breathed a prayer of supplication that we would not have too severe of weather here.

It had been wild enough without having to get residents down to the dining area for safety. Visions of running around with a list of names, ensuring everyone was down stairs and accounted for did NOT appeal to me. Hail was predicted so I also feared for the lives of the little plants in our residents’ vegetable garden.

I just got back in from sprinkling some Holy Water!

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