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On 5/1/2023 at 4:45 PM, Hna.Caridad said:

Actually, there is no firm Christian "belief" about gender.  Nor has science come to a full understanding, much less a consensus about gender.



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Identity politics at its finest.  

We have seriously got to stop using feminine pronouns to refer to men who are pretending to be women.

On 11/22/2023 at 3:08 AM, little2add said:

I.E.: A transgender (Male) swimmer at a New Jersey liberal arts college has broken his school’s record after transferring from the men’s team.

this transperson competed on the men's team for three years before moving to the women’s team this season as a senior. 

Some hailed the "transperson" for his bravery, while "others",  accused him of robbing biological females of opportunities to compete and win.


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Calling Riley a transphobic and bigot but what she didnt know is that she activated Riley's trap card. The Uno Reverse card. Riley responded by calling her a misogynist.

Well played Riley.

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Colorado parents protest after daughter told to share bed with male student on school trip

LINK: https://www.catholicworldreport.com/2023/12/06/colorado-parents-protest-after-daughter-told-to-share-bed-with-male-student-on-school-trip/

California retailers that refuse to have gender-neutral toys for children will be FINED up to $500 under new ultra woke Gavin Newsom law - after uproar over LGBT toys sold during Pride week

LINK: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12829429/California-retailers-gender-neutral-bill.html

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Miss Mulvaney (formerly a man) made $2 million in the past year since he became a ‘girl


After Penn State University hired Dylan Mulvaney to speak to students, he is now being sponsored to promote their clothing range. Mulvaney charges $40,000 per speaking engagement and made $2 million in the past year since he became a ‘girl


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