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Brothers/men Religious Pics......

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[b]Brothers of St. John[/b] in Holland(with people on a Pilgrimage to Sweden, with relics)

Two merry seminarians from [b]Institute of Christ the King[/b]
Stockholm ICKSP


Brother Seraphine [b]Capuchin-Franciscan[/b](europe)
Thats it fer now, its hot, time to go ..

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From this years Ordinations in Notre Dame, Paris

[u]sorry[/u],hope your not too scandalized that the people are not kneeling during the Litany, Notre-Dame is known as a 'progressist' Archdiocese/cathedral...anyhoo..many parishes/ parishioners in France do not kneel for anything much, even the Holy Eucharist... exception a Traditional Blessing and sometimes Adoration...
still wonderful to have all those new Priests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Association of Saint Lucianus, Beauvais, France-
[i]Assoc. of Motu Proprio « Ecclesia Dei » du Pape Jean-Paul II. [/i]

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EJames very nice pics! very inspiring.

[quote name='EJames' post='1315850' date='Jul 6 2007, 08:11 PM']Brother Seraphine [b]Capuchin-Franciscan[/b](europe)

this one looks surreal (as if the background is from a movie or painting).

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[quote name='Maria' post='1305956' date='Jun 30 2007, 02:10 AM'][img]http://farm1.static.flickr.com/98/238585031_5e07a9798d.jpg[/img]
I'm not sure, but I think the one to the left is Paul Lew (can't remember his name in religion). I don't know him, but he has a blog.[/quote]
In religion, Br Lawrence Lew. the one on the right is Br Paul Mills - they are at the same stage of formation. Br Lawrence no longer posts on "Contemplare Alles tradere," but on the dominican studentate blog, [url="http://godzdogz.op.org/index.html"]http://godzdogz.op.org/index.html[/url]

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once again more of - 3 Novices of 'Little poor friars and sisters of Jesus and Mary' (Italy) the man gave them a ride to Turin,as they almost always hitchhike places, and the Sisters can not alone., but with the presence of a brother.

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2 Novices and one Junior Professed Trappists at France
Trappist Novice at 'Sept Fonds'
Ordinations(Priestly and Deaconate) at Sept Fonds

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Trappist, Sons of St. Benedict, Nôtre-Dame-d'Aiguebelle

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