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My community doesn't have vocation retreats, but twice, there have been girls discerning on the retreat with me when I have visited. The second time, it was a girl from St. Louis named Greta (which if I had known she was coming I would have driven down with her instead of flying!), and this past weekend, there was a FOCUS missionary (with her co-FOCUS missionary who isn't really discerning), a 16 year old, and a girl my age who recently converted. I think it's neat to meet other people who are discerning, and it's nice to have somebody to kind of talk about what's going on who is going through the same things.

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i know, so exciting, even thougb i dont know if i am going because mom is sitting here alseep because i can here her snoring!!!!!but i went to adoration and walked around. I started thinking about how many more days until the DCJ visit, then i got very excited!!!!!!!!! For you and hopefully for me!!!!!!!!

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