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That's All, Folks! Or So I Thought...

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Hi everyone! I just popped in to see how everyone is, and thought I'd let you know that I decided to stay at the community and am officially a novice. Unfortunately that means paperwork, so I'm out of

By your prayers, I have a paperwork interview on Christmas Eve, and 1-2 weeks after that, I should be free to go home to the monastery.

Just wanted to say thanks to you guys on VS for being such a great ongoing part of my life. I'm logging out at the end of this weekend, and going back to the monastery during the coming week, and hope

MarysLittleFlower, there has been a very small yet steady increase here in North America. There are a lot that are currently looking for communities as well. At least from what I have seen and heard.


Haha Maridold! I like to think that there really is no normal. That we are all a little weird. So, you are not alone!

Our parish bulletin : "Dear Lord, would you please make me a good egg, even though I am a bit cracked".

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Wow ! It's such a big news ! Prayers for you, Marigold, I hope you'll peresevere ! 

Would ou agree to told us wich community it is ?


Non! I don't think that would bring any benefit at this moment in time. Thank you very much for the good wishes :)

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