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Guest Allie

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Totally Franciscan

She went to the Barhamsville Poor Clares, right?  If she entered, it would be on their blog.  I check it almost daily and have not seen any word on a new postulant.  Inperpetuity, I hope you are correct.  Prayers Allie!

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Prayers ... maybe just that she stayed a bit longer?  Or that she needs some time to sort through her stay?

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My prayers are with Allie.  


I know we have had more than one phatmasser who simply disappeared during the discernment phase. 


Could be lots of things....


Sometimes for one reason or another it isn't going to work out, so the person doen't know what to say....

Or the community has suggested that they cut back on social media....

Or something else has come up....

So I pray for Allie, and for all those who have dropped off the VS map.


My preference, always, would be a simple post to let us know the person is OK, but sometimes stuff happens.


Prayers for all of you / all of us....

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